1940 Ford Coupe

skeeter man; i just looked on ebay the item number is 281860830846 go ebay motors item number 281860830846 they are hinges from concord nc write by charolett nc race track. they are 225.00 plus shipping 15.00 if you don,t like they will take return, dada

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@meankenny Cool…I will check them out. Thank you

@meankenny, Yep, those are the ones. Got em!! Thanks again. Now… Find me some original door LATCHES and I will be forever grateful :sunglasses:

skeeter yea man; this is what do i solve project problems:money_mouth_face:
:money_mouth_face: nowdo you want one,s that work great, or ones,s that work this week. WELL if you want the latches i think you should enjoy. here solves the problem! bob drake just sold you hinges he want,s you to have factory spec work like linda vaunn looked. call in calf. 1800 221 3673 they are only 150.00 cheap in entainment for project secess ! google BEST door latches to buy 40 ford forums, look at mary,s 40 look 40 truck. ENJOY ENJOY :star_struck:

SKEETER i,am just helping. not just trying to help. i have a little problem. i am going to measure the depth and grind steering colum shaft to fit nrg hub. about 3/8 more to fit. they don,t put after market steering wheels on 96 rangers because the horn won,t work. NOW i ordered 1968 f159 turning signal switch 28.00 you know how the two little posts with springs on them stick out to make contact with the back of the hub. WELL the back of the nrg hub has the copper circles on it. da da i will prevail:smirk:

skeeter skeet er dada sucess i did it check this out. but a 90 deg air grinder is a girls best friend! cause you get the job done timely.

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@meankenny. Awesome bro… Great job. It seems everything on the 40 I’m doing is the same thing, Custom.

Hinges on tracks that actually pull forward then tilt up to miss the inner panel.

@Brian_W, That is the route I went. It works just fine as long as you take the front tires off first. The tire bottoms out inside the fender before it comes forward far enough to clear the cowl. you can see the tracks in the very last picture above.

MEAN KENNY HERE no notilt notilt notilt!:apple::tangerine::eggplant:

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skeeter’’ did you go to the swap meet yet, or not cause the holiday. hey check out diy auto school 1940 ford , my friend pete. he is rough on the langwage, BUT he knows whats happening.

skeeter; auh daa, the swap meet is THIS WEEKEND i back read. just got back shot 1;30 i was not thinking.

@meankenny. Yeah the swap meet starts today, I will be driving there after work today and attending Saturday and Sunday. I’ll try and post some pictures of the stuff I get for the 40 Coupe.


Thats a hard decision. Can you line the inside of the fender with something like leather that could possible prevent the scratching. I didnt think about the distance you needed to go forward for the lower part of the fender. Dang Pull tires off. What happens if you turn wheels all the way one way would that give you enough room?

yes the wonderful 40 baby is a retro mod no eggplant, we love it , brian& i

SKEETER did you start swap meet rehab yet, ok ok don’t yell

@meankenny. Hi Kenny, Just got back yesterday. I wasn’t able to buy the headlight buckets or the door latches at the show, but I did get a couple solid contacts where I can get them. I called them this morning and they will be shipping out the stuff in a couple of days… Awesome!! I can finally finish getting the doors hung straight.

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hey good deal. the time to regroupe is always so important. it clear your head, looking at things in different angle.i just got at 8;00 a new snap on multimeter out the truck 157.00 better than any on the street. yesterday i worked on ranger steering hub to get horn to work. i ordered a 68 ford turn signal switch with the two spring loaded brass post that make contact with the brass rings on the back of the hub. now none of this bolts up. i took a old alumium fin trim from 57 chevy to make a little sauser dor the switch to screw to and 3 sheet metal clips i made to hold in place. but it stands out ward to much ,back to the drawing board. i lost my camera dah.