1948 Chevy Truck

Working on painting my truck this spring will be making or buying my paint booth. I have been working on this truck for the past 3 years and would like it done soon.
I have a back pad that will support a 15 x 20 pad that I have my rv on right now. The location should work for the spray booth. Any info would be great for getting this ready for this spring.


Hi Skippy,
I’m doing something similar with my ‘57 Chev 3200. Since this will likely be my only project, I purchased a $300 13x20x12 tent locally on eBay for $100 still in the box. The seller had also planned to use it as a spray booth but sold the vehicle instead. I’m planning to mount 2 box fans and filters moving air in and 2 more fans and filters moving air out. I’ve seen many configurations on the Internet done using that method in their plastic covered garages.


what a great prince I will have to start looking. I have the paint already and the clear coat also. Color is going to be GM Light my fire orange. I have the cab in primer right now waiting for the weather to worm up some. I can’t find it in me to get out and start working on it.I should put some pictures up.

NIce. Be sure to post some pics of the truck! …and the spray tent/booth as you get it setup.

plastic and fans work really well. Just remember to spray the floor down with water before you paint this really add to dust removal. Ben here done this.

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