1957 Chevy 3200 Truck

As a retiree and trying to keep busy, I purchased a 1957 Chevy truck to fix up a bit as a daily driver. The previous owner had already rebuilt and installed a small block 350 and TH350 tranny. He had a shop in Utah where he builds and sells trucks. This one is truly rust free and no bondo. I installed a Rebel wiring harness, some new gages, mirrors, sun visors, tailgate chains, etc. Still having a problem getting brake lights to work but taillights and flashers work.
I have a mechanics garage lined up for February to install Vintage Air/heat, power steering, headers all the way to tips, and e-brake. I should get it back to enjoy in late Spring. While the truck is getting pampered, I’ll be reworking a junk yard bench seat and upholstering it. When I get the truck back, I’m going to try my hand at painting it Kodiak Brown with everything else in black.


Love it @DES57! - Go with a old school teal and white :slight_smile: - Of course, it’s your truck! Good luck and keep us posted here!

Thanks Tony! Now you sound like my wife. She says she’s never seen an old truck painted brown. Kodiac Brown is listed on the color charts for 1957 Chevy but your suggestion is what most people remember. I wasn’t certain what year I wanted until I saw a dark burnt orange and black ‘57 at the Farm and Auto Museum in Branson, Mo. a couple of years ago. I still regret not having asked to take a closer look and bought it. I keep it as the background image on my phone. Maybe a little dark, but here it is.

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Wow! It’s been almost a year getting this truck into the shop but it’s finally in and they’ve ordered the parts. Maybe I’ll get it on the road by Spring 2019 instead of the hoped for 2018. No wonder guys work on these things for 10+ years to get them finished.