1965 GMC 1000 Truck Project

hey mean kenny here those 60 40 seats if you cut2 1/2 ‘’ from seat track weld side plates on the outside of each track to hold everything together. prime and paint with spray paint to match carpet you will love them i did it to my 86.

its me again! figure for the top of the head rest to be center of back glass.

I am not sure where bounce Alabam is. Was that a typo? I am in Athens, AL.

Nice on the seats.
My 40/20/40s have been in there solid for 3 years now, so I will probably leave as is until I paint the interior.

i thought YOU were getting ready to put them in. i was looking for a truck for my son it may be 2 mths from now. thanks for now have a good weekend. mean kenny ledbetter ky, ohio river in back 40.

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@meankenny - Back when I first got the truck, my wife was a stickler for it having seatbelts in it before my daughter could ride in it. So upgrading to the seats with integrated belts rather than mounting belts in it was first order of business after I got it running. :slight_smile:

My dad has a 1990 Chevy truck. I love it. He knows if he ever decides to sell it, I get first shot at it. Runs great, but will need paint when I do get it. :slight_smile:

hey ron i finally got to do some cut grind weld today, yes i got the drivers seat in they look like racing buckets . now i can bleed brakes.i ordered 67 ford truck turning sginal steering wheel switch so i could get horn to work in the ranger. the hub has flat copper ring like old steering wheels do. i will have to angle cut the steering shaft so the nrg hub will go on further. no air bag for nurse april. michigan don,t inspect any way. the nut shell is they dont make a hub to work,SO i figured what to do . hot rod on dude!

Dont forget the pictures meankenny

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hey brian i love to be yelled at [ send pictures] yea

i am trying, hate that word [trying]

hey hey it worked da da . the fan project ISSSS all rangers come with a head blowing antifreeze burning 5/8 thick raidiator , will last shirley not. they didn,t out smart me. the clutch fan is to long now . so this screw on part is made in paris tenn. i dreamed it up, i know everything we thank of someone has already da da. i looked on ebay motors found it speedway auto had the spacers now together i am about 1/8’’ to long to get it on between the radi. and water pump humm. what product are you using for sound killing please tell me me me. these seats are beautiful the interior is gray. i bought NEW carpet head liner, i think i will use a console from a expedition. i have the plastic trim for this side of seat. take care bud!

hello i have to take pic of the steering shaft. they were to dark.

Finally used my Atom X16! Pulled steering column pieces to repair some wiring and decided to fill in the steering wheel cracks and paint the wheel and column parts before reinstalling.