1966 VW Bug Restoration


Hi Tony. My name is Eric and I live in The Villages in central Florida about an hour north of Orlando, golf capitol of the world. I have owned this bug for 18 years now. When my daughter got her lisence she said she wanted a clasic car. While on reserve duty at Edwards AFB I saw the bug on the lemon lot and bought it for $2500. Not quite the clasic she was expecting. I think she wanted a Mustang or vet. But since I had a 68 fastback when I went to college, it was just natural that she should also have a bug. Now she loves the car.

There was some rust spots starting to come thru the sun roof and rain leaking into the car so I decided to fix it. One rust spot lead to another, then another, then another… So I decided to go all the way and do a body off restoration. Once I removed the body I found some major structural rust damage. So bought a mig welder and started replacing metal. I stripped all the paint off down to bare metal. Now all the rust has been fixed, all the body work completed and the body is now been primed with 2k epoxy primer. Next step is to spray the high build 2k primer, sand to 600 then base and clear coat. Once the paint job is completed and the car reassembled, windows, headliner, wiring harnes, carpet, etc, then I will wrap the body in bubble wrap, move to the other side of the garage, move the chasse to the shop and start restoring everything mechanical. Lots of work but anything for my daughter. I have a Dropbox with lots of pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/betrqiam7bgrljz/AAAny7YbAnedy46fr-oszgTaa?dl=0