1967 Jaguar Mk2 340

Hi guys, been restoring a Jaguar Mk2 1967 , taken 2 years of welding and repairs to get to where I am at the moment.

Car now in epoxy primer, just really starting the prep for paint, doors re skinned, new repair panels fitted and over 2 Sq meters of sheet steel fabricated and welded in !!!

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@Tilleyjon, Sounds like you’ve done a ton of work to it :+1:t3: post some picture soon

I would love to see some pictures as you progress on your project. I like jags. Can’t wait to see it

Just wondering, I have a 1966 S-type that needs some mechanical love (the body is in very good shape fortunately), where are you getting your parts from, and/or are there forums I can visit to ask questions about the vintage jags?

You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, always happy to help.

I get my parts from SNG Barrett or D Manners mainly, but it depends or what you need.

What part of the world are you in ?

I have hundreds of pics on www.bdclassics.co.uk I am trying to see how to add photos here too.

Here’s some of the rust !

Engine finished

Body completed ready for prep and paint

I’m in California. Luckily this jag has always been garaged, so the body and frame are in excellent shape (for a 50 year old car) but it hasn’t been driven in 20+ years. I last ran the engine probably 5 years ago.

I’ve heard of SNG Barrett, and we have a place in Southern California called XKs Unlimited that also provides parts…but as you know, the aftermarket for these is a bit thin, and when I see things like radiators being offered for ludicrous sums it really kills my motivation for doing a restore. That’s one reason I’d like to know about alternative suppliers and forums, I’d think there has to be a less expensive way to restore these. But maybe not.

@larryq you can register with Jaguar forums www.jaguarforums.com great bunch of guys on there, there are mixed feelings about XK Unlimited on the forum, quality not always great.

If you post on there for suppliers in California they will help, most seem to use SNG but also Jag Outlet, Welsh Enterprises, eBay and probably others. That radiator is a stupid price, you can have a modern core fitted and an overhaul for around $150. This one is so much cheaper Alloy Rad Almost everything is available as far as parts go, there are some bits that are no longer available, but nothing that would need replacing for normal wear.

Good to know Jon, thanks for the links (and for commiserating.) I’ll be signing up at jaguarforums shortly.

Regarding the $1000 radiator vs the $250 one, I suppose for sake of completeness I should note that mine is for an automatic transmission, while the other one is for the manual gearbox. Apparently the $1k one has a transmission cooler incorporated, or something, which could bump the price but why it would be worth an extra $750 is baffling.

I realize that vintage cars cost money to update, but when I see prices like that for a radiator it’s a real motivation killer. With luck the folks at jaguarforums.com will have suggestions equally as good as yours to help keep costs under control.

Been a little busy, I just checked the manual rad prices against the automatic, and they are basically the same cost from SNG, still not cheap, but the manual definately does not have a transmission cooler.

Have you signed up on Jaguar forums ?


Hi Jon,

Good to hear from you!

Yes, I signed up a while back on the Jaguar forums, but like you I’ve been busy of late and haven’t had time to focus on the Jag much (heresy, I know.) I did poke around the forum and it has a number of knowledgeable people on it and I’ll make good use of it I’m sure.

First thing I should do is a video walkaround of the car, exterior, interior, engine, underneath so that I can solicit ideas on what first steps to take. I’ll be on the forums before long.