1968 C10 Project (Slow Ride)

The fitment of aftermarket parts such as this bed kit can be time consuming. The biggest issue is with wheel wells. The bolt flange along the inner side was not rolled in the correct position so none of the bolts line up on the top side. To correct this I have had to hammer and dolly the whole inner flange in order to pull the wheel well closer to the inner fender and floor. On second thought, next time the used original ones for sale online would have been cheaper even with blasting not to mention the time saving factor.


mean kenny; exalenty! yes i love it your proud. nurse april [ daug ] the bed i bought is outside lonely and cold i was a 4 wheel drive i have hole,s to weld up where the fender flares are. it is a 96 ranger ext cab. i am in the ordering nrg sterring wheel parts. april called took 2nd surgercial part test. asked if i have done any more lately on her truck. it,s cold is getting to be a repeat answer! your chevy looks great mine is 86 c10. i have to strip with aircraft stripper that is how to fix when someone else think,s they can paint ,lyer. go geter by mean kenny

I painted an 86 Chevy short wide body silver and blue two tone . nice truck

The wood in the bed looks great. Leaving it that color or staining to some other color?

I plan on giving it a more older look, so virgin it will not be. It will most likely be a satin finish not to shine to much. But you know what they say about plans, you make them so you can change them. I have some scrap I will be testing on soon. Thanks for looking.


A little update . Worked on RR wheel well fitment. Well can you say it, Im trying not to say bad words. See the crack in the wood about 4" long from the bottom.

What part of the install caused that?

board was warped and cracked a day after tightening down.

Dumb question, but in your first pic, the bed is off the truck frame. How is the bed attached to your rotisserie?

Actually the bed is setting on the frame in both pics, its just hard to see. But I will be putting it on the roto this weekend so I can get the frame and cab off to blasting.
As for attaching it to the roto I think I will have two cross bars running end to end with an adjustable post mounted to front and rear cross sills.

Thanks for the info. Be sure to post some pics. :slight_smile:

Really cool project I like those trucks. Looks good already would like to see more pictures as more work is done

Okay what I did today. Finished fitting up aftermarket bed. Completely assembled in three weekends and disassembled in one hour. I now have all things marked for final assembly, so now on to the repairs and primer until I am ready for paint and assembly. here are some pics.

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A little more work this past weekend.

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A little more work done this weekend. Part fitment driveshaft angle for new order.

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brian hey its mean kenny. you sure got it going on!

hey these seats are from 07 cougar, you can doit lateron buddy

hay meankenny . looks like your in the middle of one also . nice red chevy . here is my latest todays work .

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@Brian_W… Nice work! been watch your work on Facebook too. :+1:

BRIAN yes yes you got it going. it takes pride and determation to be the way we are. were not weird doos yes many pub members wish they could do this, but they don,t know just drop a few bad habbits, and start worse ones,YEA. i have trans isuses , one cant spell ha, my th400 is perfect but, the used shifter paw lets it roll in park, the speedo gear reads wrong. i need to put a new yukon limited slip posi and 373 in it i passed up 2 ,12 bolts i could have bought for 1 hundred at you pullit. you will need a 12 bolt or 9’’ ford that hot rod truck their. enjoy on brother pub man !