1968 C10 Project (Slow Ride)


O i looked again you got something back there,rear disc brakes arent for gettin grocries , but they will work ha ha


thank you. You have any projects going?


It had an original 12 bolt. So I pulled out the guts new axles and a limited slip carrier new gears and done!


mr. brian this ain,t fancy but this is what you get when you are not supose to have it.


thats getting it done.


My latest work today. Still waiting on some special order parts for the suspension, front. So I can get ride height set up and permanent exhaust hangers. Then dismantle blast body paint rebuild engine trans and and and and!


Looking good Brian. :+1: Sweet looking wheels too! :sunglasses:


@meankenny, nice job Kenny!! That’s gettin’r done right there :wink:


Thank You. Show us some pics. Like to see the ford.


hey brian galee, this is what i am talking about, enjoy time alone. and you still let others in on it


I do like a good party and all are welcome, as long as we keep it nice.


NO you can’t go to the swap meet with skeeter! now i am setting here trying to relax. i got a [ spell this] appledura shot in l5 s1 today i have to shake my head when go to the garage thoughts come to mind. THERE I SAID IT. ha ha did i tell you the story of driving the uhaul from bellville mich to kzoo mi to get a 03 explorer sport home to paducah ky. ididn’t, good i wount. now my 36 yr baby boy is moving to sanatone tx at 7;00 am from nashville. yes we will have to leave at 3;00 am to get there to go threw security. i certianly hope next week will be boring, or a lot of shop time. lori [wife] gets home sunday night with g daughter i have 5 yr old derek with me. he uhauled with me that storm from skeeters IDAHO blew snow & high wind all the way to terra hoate ind.9pm wendsday got to ky at midnight. other than that i have not did much. you gota lov me


hey brian , back working on the ranger. woh woh its not monday 9 am yet:eggplant::thinking:


morning brian well i am not in nashville?


let me guess, mmmm, Kansas!


good saturday to you the old kid friend of my son didnt buy the ticket. joey called nash airport ther was not a ticket waiting, WELL i still got up 128 am to shut alarm off , rest is in the books now. so i can start my life over, ha ha 28 i ‘’ snow this morning lovein it . i am bound for the garage. it is nothing a peanut butter sand, or vannial ice cream cant fix. there is a new pub member that airbrush is and can make custom tee’'s such as 68 slow ride rat fink style gooday


When you work by yourself sometimes the stars don’t line up!


@Brian_W - What happened??


hello brian put country classic channel on radio you wont be alone with yourself, but don’t mix wille and power tools.dea says so.i found a old camera so look out when i get it fired up. i got a fan shroud at upullit 5.00 now i cut grind weld plastic, and 5lbs hammer. steering wheel is on.what state do you liveIN


Texas, Radio, I just fixed my antenna and now it works. $5 is a great price for a shroud.