1968 C10 Project (Slow Ride)


Stupid is as stupid does. Set the fender up in place looked good setting their not moving I turned around to get some bolts and it fell.


hey brian i bought my paint and clear the ranger is going to be 69 ranger peacock blue. google it to see you will be wowed. look up my friend pete on youtube he is out of dallas. do you have fender, hood stands got 2 on ebay 88$ i think. owh you were putting it back on is the way my crystal ball see’s it. i got to pull radiator tomarrow lay on mc lift an build shroud to it, and install pretty new fan. i tryed 4 times to spell monday.


so i for got the paint is shopline, the clear is 450$ best show clear da da now the epoxy is white because ppg said so. i will have to epoxy my door jambs to get color correct.the ranger is now black. IF we become as great a painter as we are mechanics we have to do a cha cha dance.


Man my second vehicle I almost bought was peacock blue and white. I like the combination. I dont dance but sounds good. Cant wait to see your pics. Are you using gray as a primer?


I got my paint for my frame, Tamco color Black medium gloss. I have a fuel tank coming soon. Finish the mods for that to fit and then blast and paint.


no THE MAN is going to sell me white. it is black black sounds like a dog bark. it is to cold to play out side to day. i belive this is the LAST COLD DAY i feel like a chipmunk let me at it!


Thats probably an even better color for shade of blue.


brian thank you for the southwest wind today. it will be warm up the big muddy and the ohio in my back yard. ledbetter ky next to paducah. i will be gettin it today. 68 yes yes… i am pulling the radiator and get the shroud done, the it is of to sand land. i am going to use 400 dry then 600 wet on the old black paint. i need to mark dents about 10 all together size of your first finger nail no rust at all. the glass man is going to come pull windshield that is a trade we do not need to LEARN :thinki


SEE I CAN’T EVEN EMOJI:hamburger::building_construction:
da i dont no how


that’s sopose to be a cheese burger:hamburger:


yes i am a crazy bib waren red neck from kentucky!


South winds equals free ice melt.


My parts are in but I have no time to work on it !!!


Wow, still have no time to work on it!:unamused:


Still trying to choose color. I think the blue and the pearl gray.


@Brian_W , I like the pearl gray more than the blue but yeah… blue and pearl gray look great.



Got a little work done last weekend. Just fitting up some parts.


@Brian_W. Looking good… Like them wheels :+1:t3:


@Brian_W - is the pearl gray the section that is right next to the blue on your test panel? I think that would look good on my Torino with it’s blue interior.


That is coming along real nice. Love those trucks!! :heart_eyes: