1970 Ford Torino GT

This is my second project which also led to my third project which I have not posted yet. This '70 Torino GT came with a '73 Mach I as a package deal. That worked out because I wanted the Torino and my wife likes the Mach I. :slight_smile:

It looks in good shape in the photo, but the previous owner, who bought it new in July 1970, painted it himself sometime back. There are a lot of runs you can’t see and some questionable body work. I had hoped to sand it and repaint it without going back to bare metal, but if his prep work was not good or proper, I don’t want my repaint to fail due to his previous repaint. Thoughts?

So far all the work I have done on this one has been on the interior and some on the motor, and I am not done yet. Also some exterior around the rear window. After a snow that left 7 inches of powder on the car melted, I had a pond inside the car. So, gutted the interior and started going after all the places that were letting water in; mainly the cowl and rear window. However once the carpet was out and the condition of the floor pans was revealed, that job had to be tackled. I will post more pics on this one later.


First question - there are large flat spots here on the fender and door; and crease in the body line.

Stud gun or pull the fender and work it?

Also the flat spot on the door has some discoloration around it that you can sort of see. I am not sure if that is body filler that was never shaped to the door correctly or just a bad touch up/blend.


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Look inside the door and fender from the back side, from my experience and old school body work will tell you it the panel had been drilled and pulled out with a slide hammer. That will tell you if you can use a stud gun or pull the fender and tool it back. From what I have seen, the way guys used to do repairs, is way to much filler and not enough metal work. I do like the GT. Good luck with the project, have fun!


@dyijb, I hear ya. That’s how my truck is. Old filler is thick and falling off in places which then exposes the drilled holes. LOL. I didn’t notice any drilled holes the last time I looked at the back of the fender. Although I was just looking to see if there was some way to press on the back without taking the fender or door off. I have not inspected the back of the door.

Ya thats why I suggested looking for prior repairs, as you know studs don’t stick to filler :slight_smile: You never know what you got until you start sanding. I was going to go the easy way out on my current project and buy new fenders, when I received them they were not contoured right as the originals “this is due to the old tooling used by aftermarket suppliers that are just worn out” plus they were really flimsy and really light gauge, I decided to get the hammer and dolly out and go to work, try to save and work any original metal you can, you will be much happier with the end result. I am no pro, but forums like these is where I get most of my knowledge to do these projects, and I can share what I have learned and what works for me. Although for some reason it’s not as abundant as it used to be.

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mean kenny; if you really want it to run get promax heads out of birurmingham ala. comp thumper cam . enjoy for now mk wky.

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Once you remove the paint for stud welding you will see how much is there or how many holes will need to be welded to correct old style dent pullers.

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hello FROM mean kenny. call steel rubber in north carolina they are the only good rubber co. the car won,t leak.sand car with good long block not da this will only take 200 hrs. do fender then door and so on DO NOT jump around. mark all dents with black marker in prevous order use rage gold cross hatch sand guide coat a must. k2 let set a week for chemicals to vent. epoxy prime you will love it.

@meankenny - all ready have the Steel Rubber catalog for both the Torino and truck. It’s amazing to me how much weatherstripping costs. Also have a gallon of Rage Gold in the garage waiting to go. Now if only there were more of this thing called time. Ha!

@Brian_W - from what I have seen from a quick look in the past, I don’t think they drilled any holes in the door or fender of the Torino…unlike my truck. I do know they slapped on some filler here or there and painted away. There is a spot on top of the rear quarter where it has a sharp break from the side to the top of the panel that has a crack in the paint. Feeling inside the trunk, you can tell there is a depression there that was just filled with body filler rather than attempting to work the dent out.

My projects got sidelined this past fall when I redirected all funds to building myself a shop. The shell, wiring, and insulation is done and some of the interior. Once I get it finished, I can get back to the Torino, truck and Mustang. Then I will find out if I am any good at this paint and body stuff. :smiley:

I understand. I have other priorities that get in the way of what I like doing also. We own a small business and sometimes the hours are crazy. Hope your shop is going up fast. Took me 30 years to get one but boy is it nice. I guess it true. Patients and time and hard work and a little luck you just might get to enjoy the fruits of your Labor.

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good morning ala. the difference in the rubber is cost don,t matter. it is made in the usa the dies they use are perfect. the rubber is the best grade. anyone that looks at the car withany sence will know that you cared to do the car justice. i had a 70 torio yellow with th tiger striped sides we use to call then.

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@meankenny - I hear ya! I would like to see a pic of that Torino. Everybody seems to call them laser stripes now. Who knows why. Once I get ready for paint, I still have to decide on a color , then decide if I want to add the stripes or not.

hey the old yellow look great . i dont have pics. that was 43 years ago. google 70 torino yellow . i will check to , by for now the wind is up i am painting in the house. hey i just look it up 1970 ford torino gt yellow several pics looks priceless. yea man

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bama man mean kenny from outside paducah , ledbetter ky. now when go to degrease any thing under hood door jams ect. buy at lowe,s ZEP degreaser get empty spray bottle across street at walmart. mix about 10 oz cleaner and about 8 oz water. spray on don,t let dry 2nd coat wait about 10 min. spray with hose wow yea man . ride on mower ect.

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bama man have you fixed the door yet. if not buy a door skin and a flange tool for 50.00 . cut the skin to cover about 2’’ above dent. this way the dent is gone. you still have your same door fit. you probably need to replace hinge pins on both doors. build a door brace out of 2x4 put on top of floor jackto hold door. flange door metal and seperate edges while setting on saw horses. work about every 2’’ flange tool just like chain welding. eastwood co. shows how on youtube. GET rage bodyfiller to use always. wear resporator while sanding a must.

@meankenny - I replaced hinge pins on driver side, but the hinges themselves, where the pins go are slightly oval instead of round. guess I need new hinges or bushings. As for the door skin, I am a pure rookie when it comes to body work, so that may sound easy to some, but sounds pretty intimidating to me. Ha!

its mean kenny here, NO NO NO like the mexican comeic said YOU CAN DOIT. now that is over go to eastwood.com. look until you find the video on the door work. BUY a 50.00 flange tool .if you dont have a mig welder, buy one. after that you will feel good about youself. now you will recoupe the cost of tooling UP.buy doing little welding jobs that no one wants to do you can make money the whole time thinking of your own projects. build saw horses cover the top 2x4 with carpet. take the door lay on top. now the job is half done.I WILL WALK YOU THREW IT yes you can now get started you owe it to shuck a beautiful car. i will come and see you this spring on the way to florida to see my 91 year old dad. lookup yellow 70 torino on google!

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bama man on youtube look up diy autoschool pete. this is hard core diy watch and watch. i do everyday. YOU WILL LEARN A LOT! hey i am a retired carpenter 33 years built motor cycles before occ or james was on tv. develop a vision of seeing things done that is the key. later on by mean kenny now you know why they call me mean kenny NO FAIL

So mean! Ha ha! I will have to buy all of that I have never welded anything. :open_mouth: Thanks for all the tips though! Right now all spare funds are going to finishing the interior of my shop/garage. After that, I can get back to my car projects! :slight_smile:

hello bama man! send another picture of the door lets look again, what i was concerend about was if the inn door blank was bent. the [inner door brace] if we look again then we can decide the fix. the whole thing about the pub is to help each others like brothers with different mothers. sworn to never mis guide or lead each other. brian is a good man wether he knows it or not.by mean kenny