1970 Ford Torino GT

THE SHOP come first gee the post has to be longer. so get the shop you dreamed of or agarage that wont give you night mares. gee i need something to do to muddy to wonder threw junk yard.

Mmmm, sometimes wondering in junk yard opens the mind to the next project!

hey brian yes all the great artist of the world use to eat fruit so they could paint fruit basket. we are proclaimed to eat dust in junk yards. i told my man at you pullit to list with medicare so we could call it pyscial therapy. how ever he should put a palm tree in a milk crate for summer shade and we need a gulf cart to haul it and us in the summer. SEE I AM A KNUTT! unjoy you man mean kenny

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@Brian_W - that’s true. Since my wife won’t let my daughter ride in a car/truck without seatbelts, a Saturday wondering through the junkyard gave me the visuals I needed to figure out how to best ad/mount rear shoulder belts to the Torino project. A 93 Ford Ranger and 96 Ford Marquis contributed to that project.

hey ron i remember the 70 black seat belts, gee i am getting old i,ll be 60 in sept. send torino pictures again please. how is the garage coming.

Didn’t realize my pics had vanished. Interesting.

Here’s lots more pics of some of my budget interior work.
Here is some shots of vinyl dye I used after acquiring some original black armrests…to make them match the blue door cards…
Before & After

Compared to original blue interior…


Seat Belts acquired from junkyard as previously mentioned. Dyed them as well…


Some shots of the dash before:

POR-15 Epoxy putty used to fill in steering wheel in progress

Vinyl Dye on the horn pad. Before & After

After on the upper dash paint

Dyed dash pad

All put back in including painted black lower dash

WOW ron that looks sharper than new! hey i looked at the door it,ll be fine. i would adjust , make sure it fit,s and shuts perfect, check gaps to be the same. NOW take hinge pins out remove door lay on carpet covered saw horses. take your time.problay 10 hours several walk away,s later hammer and dolly that baby out. you can do this I AM sure of it. take clear water in a glass pour on it look keep at it you are in no hurry. harbor freight has hammer dolly kits. if you will on you tube look up diy auto school find hammer and dolly class . happy on MEAN KENNY

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HEY i belevie the gt torino WILL hit the 28,000 mark in value when you are done. :heart_eyes:

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hey bama i thought your name was ron dah its alex ok. here are some steering coloum pictures i am putting nrg hub on it tried to out smart me.

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I have used the dye before, great stuff. Your quality work is looking great.

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@Brian_W - Thanks! Slow and somewhat steady. Learning as I go.

hey brian didja see the pictures of the ranger steering hub i blead brakes started body work yesterday.:hamburger:

Did you get the wheel on?

MR. BRIAN yes yes after dreaming about it, noing we can do anything and love it when someone says they can’t, i mean they say all thay do is set on the porch. now i need to refraze that i mean set on couch. porch & couch rime don’t they. i ordered a 68 ford turn signal switch with the spring loaded brass contacts, you no the kind. i will have to rigg that be hind hub. look at pictures, and i still don’t have yo remove wheels to tilt hood. gee that s mean ,SKEETER:zipper_mouth_face:


brian see how the shaft has two flat sides, i held back a1/16 to snugg it down. the signal switch came today i will work on it by

hello alex now brian and i are threw taking over your space. how is the garage doing I AM A RETIRED CARPENTER .oh oh i went the wk park way saturday made a left on 65 didn’t take me long to relize i was going the wrong WAY. anyway got back to paducah 12;00 wend, think god 30 min up yonder is plenty. had to bring bad head 4.0 03 explorer sport from kzoo mi.eugh it still turns my stomach

Shop/garage is going slow. Been dealing with frozen shoulder for a while now. Last week, they knocked me out and forced it to move through full range. It’s doing good now. Shop is slow due to time and money. Those two rarely line up. Last night after an all day rain the roof of our house started leaking in the sunroom. Gotta find where it came through and fix that now.

This is wife’s corner of the garage for her art studio. Fourth wall is covered now. The slow hard part is I have to ensure it is completely sealed from the rest of the garage. She has chronic migraines and fumes from the cars will trigger her into one quick. So, gotta keep the fumes out of her space.

Here are steps I added to take advantage of storage space in the trusses. Wife’s area is behind that wall.

Also installed a garage door opener on the bay without the lift.

Also been doing a little bit of work on the mustang. The trans cooler lines previous owner put on were routed badly, had three splices and a 90 degree bend. Took that mess out and thought I could fish a new set of pre-bent lines in. Nope! looks like I will have to remove some “stuff” to get those lines in there. I guess I should add this to that thread. Turns out the brake issue teh mustang was having was from the previous owner put both short shoes on the driver side and both long shoes on the passenger side instead of one of each on both sides. Now contemplating pulling the whole drum assembly and converting to disc.

Very nice.Now get to work! lol

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alex looks great BUT your not building rome. it will be ok don’t be hard on your self. hell tucapee has had 27 back opperations . half of the wife’s migranes are cause by you no who. when you feel better and work on the cars, getting her mustang on the road first. don’t tell her everything you are doing to them, wait it will drive her nutt’s, then she will ask you what you been doing. wow migranes are for gotten about. but make sure she gets a mri of her skull first, so you no nothing is wrong. sincerly mean kenny

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