1970 Ford Torino GT


Well, I haven’t been working on projects. Everything is on hold until daughters tuition is paid. However, I got bored this weekend and decide to experiment with some DUplicolor Custom Wrap. I figured it would be an easy way to experiment with some options that I could just peel off if I didn’t like. If I did something I liked, then I would know what I will do when I actually repaint the car…one day. So anyway, all Torino’s always seem to just do the same black, almost full hood treatment. Basically how the factory did it. I decided to try something different. After all I am not repainting yet so I can peel it off and experiment with something else if I choose.

I had to break out the canopy to keep stuff from falling out of the trees onto it every-time the wind blew. Ha.


I like it, maybe even better if white went into the ram for more contour.
PS still paying on daughter college. All done with school great carrier and has given me two wonderful grandchildren and one on the way. I better hurry before the grandchildren need cars.


Got the Torino brakes working again. Fired it up and moved it in the shop. First time it has moved in over a year.


Pulled the old broken windshield out of the Torino. Now I can attempt the headliner. But first, what is a good method of getting all of this old gooey butyl whatever stuff off the metal rim?


Razor blade and angle grinder with scuff pad?


Thanks. I have scraped the bulk of it off. Messy stuff!! A friend suggested WD40 for what remained. I sprayed some on an area and wiped it with a shop cloth. It surprisingly seems to break it down pretty good. Gotta cover anything you don’t want to get WD40 on or smear the black on by accident though. Windshield metal rim is in good shape. Both upper corners have some surface rust to deal with, but no holes anywhere. :slight_smile:


Headliner in!