1973 Mach I Mustang

The Mustang is my third project going at the same time as the Torino and GMC truck. I got this in a package deal when I bought the Torino. I was after a Torino and my wife likes Mach I’s so it worked out for both of us…if I ever get them finished. :open_mouth: This one was advertised as just a Mustang, but after seeing some of the details it had in the trim pieces and then running the VIN to get the MARTI report, it was confirmed to be a Mach I. However, not much original in it. The motor has been changed, the exterior and interior color has been changed, the transmission has been changed. So, it is what it is…a good project car for me to play with and learn on. :slight_smile:

Sadly, the paint, like the Torino, looks fair in pictures, but up close is cracking in a lot of places; both on metal surfaces and real bad on the front bumper and flexible rubber/plastic areas between fender/quarters and bumpers.

Here it is in the shop, The shop is where all current funds are being directed, but this Mustang is leaking around the quarter windows real bad, so I had to push in it on into the unfinished shop…ahead of the Torino. :frowning:

This one needs electrical, engine, interior, and paint and body work…and new wheels.

FYI - Some may have learned this already, but be careful with “waterproof” car covers. Before the shop was built, I had bought a “breathable waterproof” cover to try to keep the water out of the Mustang. I learned the hard way that either water was getting through the cover or it was condensating underneath the cover. Regardless, during the hot summer months, the moisture that was trapped underneath caused the paint to blister down the passenger fender and driver quarter panel. Good thing it already needed a paint job.

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Nice clean shop. The lift is my next big item to add to my shop. Here is a little part of mine with my project.

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Nice! I may have the lift, but lacking everything else. Ha! I stumbled on a great deal for ones coming out out of a landrover service bay that Porsche had taken over. They were putting in new low profile lifts to handle the Porsches and six good lifts they took out to do so.

@Brian_W I’ll be tuned in to your truck work as I learn and tinker with mine.

Be patient, I didn’t name it slow ride for nothing.


@TonyB this is the section I was asking about on YouTube. There are several pieces like this on each end of the car. I assume it is some sort of rubber since it is flexible. Obviously, the paint someone else did is cracking and flaking off.

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Hi Alex, I saw you ask the question last night on the Live Q&A. I had a similar issue with the air dam on my Silverado. I repainted it and added a flex agent to the paint and it seems to be working out fine so far. It’s been about a year and a half and still looks pretty good considering it is only about 4 inches off the ground and takes a beating in the winter.

Kent aka “Genesis”

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I used this first before I sprayed black on my car’s lip (polyurethane rubber/plastic thing), it is an adhesion promoter and flex additive, should suit your needs.


@f575gtc, Yep… That’s the stuff :+1:t3:

@Skeeterusa, @f575gtc - Thanks guys! I appreciate the input!

Suck the bumpers in tight and remove that rubber. It will all look a lot better.

I had not thought about that

A little wild but you get the ugly rubber gone.


That whole package would be a challenge for this rookie, but I will be trying to figure out that bumper tuck. Thanks.

brian you you are something else. i am happy to be serrounded dah by so many smart people. alex your shop is beautiful big, the mans dream. my mach 1 WAS white no luvers red/ black interior. i own it 11 grade in75,yes i was a cool daddy. hot tar roofing at 16 buys all the pretty stuff. ouh ouh brian look

ouh ouh skeeter did you check out the LATCHES i know i must enjoy buggin you, the answer IS yes. ha ha i will learn to be part of the live cast from tony, just so you can hold your face and shake your head.:hamburger::star_struck:

alex! lose the wood.shop is so big. happy easter, buy this looks like you are missing one.

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looking good. Seat belts in?

No paint work, but disc brake conversion in progress…