1977 BMW R100RS Motorcycle Restoration

Here’s some pics of my latest restoration project. All mechanical, body and paint work performed by me. Not bad looking for a 41year old bike. Runs great too!

z3beemer (Paul)

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Some of the pics didn’t upload so I’ll try again.

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NICE WORK!! I did an 87 Kawi ZL1000A i found in pieces under a lean 2 full of bullet holes a couple yrs ago. Still riding it.

Wow! Great work! It looks beautiful!

Wow… Looks Great! Nice Job :sunglasses: :+1:t3:


Very nice job and a great color.

What exact color is it?

Thank you all for your comments. It’s a real honor to get such comments from guys who know the amount of work that goes into a restoration project.
Z3beemer (Paul)

The actual color is BMW Silver Blue. The only place I could find it was from Holt BMW in Athens, Ohio. Unfortunately they wanted $285/qt. for bc. More than I was willing to pay. If you want to order from them just tell them it’s for a 77 BMW R100RS motorcycle. I was able to find a DuPont dealer who was able to do a color match that came close to an exact match. It is DuPont Cromax top line paint at $165/qt. I have the formula mix if you need it.

beautiful bike excellent job

Great work! Looks like it came right off the show room

It looks fantastic , love the paint came out really nice