1980's Sterling GT


Got some color on the rear engine deck lid today

@SterlingGt1835… Nice! looks Smoooth. What kind of paint and paint gun are you using?

Kent aka “Genesis”

Hey Kent,thanks, I’m using House of Color paint and shooting it with the Atom X21

@SterlingGt1835, Awesome man!! hard to beat that HOK paints and clears.

Kent aka “Genesis”

Had to come up with a creative way to paint my side mirrors

@SterlingGt1835 oh heck yeah!!!That works​:sunglasses::+1:t3: Great job, looks good​:beer:

Getting ready for some high build primer

3 wet coats and block sanded

3 more coats today,lots of sanding this weekend,then time for some color!!

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Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Sweeeeet! looking good

Got the top painted,love the HOK clear,onto the body!

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@SterlingGt1835, Looks awesome! Great work :+1:t3:

Thanks Kent, more pictures coming soon

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Sterling GT pre assembly room, good thing my wife understands and the grandkids don’t visit very often :grin:

@SterlingGt1835 Awesome man!! Ha ha, I do the same thing, I don’t have a wife though so it gets pretty crowded in my spare room at times. I wish I could fit my Harley through the door, I would park it in the house though the winter months. :joy:

Got the body separated from the chassis with a little help from my 4’x8’ utility trailer.

Sprayed with Bulldog adhesion promoter

3 coats of high build polyester primer( I know Tony would not approve) time for some more sanding!!

@SterlingGt1835 Wow man!!! That is Fricken AWESOME! Thank you for the update :sunglasses:

Kent aka Genesis

Last coat of polyester high build primer :scream:went on today after sanding and filling about 700 pinholes, sand this down and move onto the white epoxy primer next ( spraying white basecoat followed by royal blue and turquoise pearl intercoat, then the clear)

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White primer on (although might be hard to see the difference) should be painted by the end of next week if not to hot, hard to believe that in the Pacific Northwest, my building hit 98 degrees last week​:rage::sun_with_face::fire:!!

Got it painted,came out awesome :sunglasses:Will cut and buff in a couple of weeks and then start reassembly.

Sanded and polished

Underneath and engine compartment sprayed with Upol rapture bed liner for protection,awesome awesome product!!


Chassis and body reunited

Wiring harness reinstalled

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