2005 Mustang GT Coupe Painting & Body work (Any help & tips would be appreciated)

Hello there Tony and everyone else at LABP,


We have started work on this project which involves a 2005 Mustang GT Coupe, This mustang’s journey is an interesting one: it was new when it was involved in a terrible accident. It took heavy damage to its driver side. Repairs were made and it was re-coated with a hot red paint job.


By the time we got the car the front bumper cover was also damaged by another crash which also damaged the passage side fender and the fiberglass hood; the driver side door could’t open – maybe based on the job done to repair it from the first accident I suppose. It has a leak that is coming from the upper near middle section of the windshield. It is coming from where the glass meets the roof underneath the weather stripping. Rust had corroded that area & the car overall was not in proper running conditions. What really triggered us for a repaint was the fact that the red paint job done before was flaking off the car in multiple areas.

The main reasons why we got it was because it was a rare find based on where we live, it was the first ever model in our country – there are now about 5 of them(we live in a very small populated land) and we really wanted to get this project restored to as close as manufacture quality as possible by ourselves with a custom paint job to finish it off.


We are beginners at this but I was lucky enough to have found Tony on YouTube and lead to my eventual sign up for the VIP course.

We have already learnt so much and already started work on the car. We have replaced the driver’s door, plastic welded the front bumper cover, pull out the driver side body panel a bit more so the replacement door would sit and started sanding the vehicle. I did some body work on various sections where there were dents and dings. The biggest area of repair was the passenger side fender. It was crushed inwards.


Here are some pictures of the mustang with work in progress:

Front View, damages to hood & bumper cover.

Passenger side

Driver Side; replacement door

Below you are looking at the quarter panel that was repaired from first crash; That side where the door meets the quarter panel was body filled in order to keep the original door in place; the original door was reshaped and refitted on the car. The door was so badly corroded when we got that we had to replace the entire door itself.

Due to the door jam where the door meets the quarter panel being rebuilt with bondo, the replacement door could not close properly, and we had to have the entire body filled section grinded all the way down to metal and redid the body work on it.

Roof; rusted edge, leak point

Rear; Dent repaired

We are currently working on a DIY paint booth to further ready ourselves for painting. We have brand new primed steel replacement fenders and a custom rear bumper ready to be installed.


  1. Since the red paint job done started flaking off; should we continue sanding all the way down to original paint job? - We are planning a complete repaint here, a totally different color.

  2. Since there is rust developing on the rooftop, is the best way to approach this is to remove the windshield?

For now

We are planning on documenting the entire process here and hopefully share some lessons learnt or mistakes during our process. Thank you all for even reading and showing interest in this project.

So yeah, that is all for now.
Let us know Tony if we are on the right path and we are sorry for this long post!

onelove from the carribean!


WOW hi from mean kenny! YOU will have to make sure you are totaly in love with that red beauty. now 2000.00 in materials 400 hours later you will have the love of your life wright. buy buy by mean kenny


Hey Meankenny,

Thank you much for the word and push, we will be pushing as hard as we can. Our budget is not the highest but we have spent allot of dedication and time on it already. Engine is now running much better, we have some electronic situations to sort out. Overall it is coming along well. It is one hell of a journey!


well its a go ok now! make sure you get all greasey work done first. nothing worse than denting or scratching anay body work or paint. when you start body work don,t drive the car. park it under roof or some shelter if no concrete put plastic on ground first. NOW give the keys to someone . leave parked. if you will never finish the project. start in the front fenders use 80 grit dry paper get dura block kit on ebay or amazon. use long block sand in a x patern . get rage body filler. first hammer and dolly all dents you can this will shrink the metal and it will straighten metal lots of noise.where do you live on a island, how many of these tools do you have

We live in a community area, we islanders are used to the noisy neighbor as long as it is not too late at night. About noise: The car came with an oil leak issue. We spent one night until 5am banging and replacing the main oil seal on the crankshaft. We tried to keep the noise level low and did not die the next day. To add, most work done on the car was at night hehe.

Because we are approaching this work by ourselves, we had to acquire many tools.

So far we have:

Two Dual Action Sanders
Polyvance Airless Plastic Welder
Sanding blocks
Heat gun
Primer & Paint Guns
Air Compressor
Heavy Duty Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Some materials gathered so far:

Evercoat Feather fill Primer
2k Epoxy Primer
Evercoat Rage Body filler
Wax and Grease remover
3M 422 Fiberglass Resin & Repair Kit
Dry guide Coat

We are in the process of leveling the ground in order to build a concrete slap for our DIY paint booth. We have no garage.

Thank you for the sanding tip. We will apply that to our process!


HEY THINGS ARE LOOKING UP ! looks great for tools. BUT you WILL need a desicant filter dryer and 1/2 inch dia 6 ft hose. this will make the air in the compressor so clean you can breath it. this will make the perfect paint job. now look on ebay the filter you need is 123.00 the hose is19 to 22.00. nobody tells this stuff but i did. now you will need a ate pro 2’’ 90 degree sander grinder. hang i am not killing you. i am telling the secrets. the little is on ebay has a black padded handle totaly cool equipment will last you for ever the handy ist tool you will have in the arsnal . only 43.00 i believe . a disk roll kit is i think 20.00. now you hate me. now look on youtube [ diy auto school my friend pete] he is often outlandish but but he has 575 videos on youtube HE will tell you EVERY MOVE and how to believe in what you are doing. and you will say wow kenny hill from western ky told me that. this is why they call me MEAN KENNY later on dudes.

good morning tech; i have some pictures i will try to load i am a one finger computer not wiss.


Awesome project! The first car I painted several years ago was a '68 Mustang so I’m excited to see how yours turns out. To answer your question about the rust around the windshield, I wouldn’t hesitate to take the windshield out. I had a camaro with even less surface rust than that and I tried to get away without taking the windshield out, and I just couldn’t eliminate 100% of the rust. After taking out the windshield out I realized there was a lot more rust than I had previously known about and was able to take care of the problem. The last thing you want is to do a full repaint on the car and have the windshield leek persist, or have the paint bubbling up from the rust you can’t see under the windshield. Besides if done correctly, all you need is to just glue the same windshield back in after you paint so your really not out a lot of $, just a little extra time that I think would be very worth it. Good Luck, love the car!

Wow! @meankenny the inspiration here is keen. You have everything set and pushing your craft. I love your stuff!
Well on my first paint, I do not think I will be at your level but I aim to gain such a cave as time progresses. I have an idea for a garage build in mind but not going to have one built any time soon.

Thank you so much for all of this feedback really! I really appreciate it!

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@goldryan - Thank you for the advice, I will definitely be removing it now. I just need some tools that are proper. I have seen very few videos on windshield removal but it seems a tricky task. Do you have any tips when doing a removal?

Hey sorry for taking so long to get back with ya. But the windshield I removed had a molding to take off around the windshield so I have a couple of inches of space between the metal and the windshield and literally used a utility knife to cut the black glue until I could just lift it off. Yours looks like there isn’t that much space so maybe a good tool to use is the sharp wire that you feed from the outside of the car into the interior and have two people pull it back and forth cutting the glue around the whole windshield. It’s definitely at least a two man job. The more the better when you are taking it out so as to not crack it. Good luck! Love to see some updated pics

hello did you get the windshield out. call a glass man if there is one on the deserted island. the glass man will pull for low price and not break it, and install when done. i am having a man do the ranger. he has done them before for me. the made in usa only one worth buying will cos about the same as him doing it. the tool is a motor cycle grip look with little sharp blade and a steel cable pull handle it is the only way to do. the made in china tool WILL brake the windshield, no lie

@meankenny & @goldryan - Hey guys I am still here and alive!

I have been in the process of making a DIY paint booth outside and already have the ground leveled and concrete slab poured. I am now working on the actual walls of the booth. I have many projects on hand. This is the reason why it is taking me some time to work on the car and update you guys.

@goldryan Thank you for the tip there. I will try it with another person. The biggest worry is cracking the glass.

@meankenny - Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else because of the ease of many services. I have been trying to have someone do it for us but no avail. We may have to do it ourselves…

I have many pictures and vids coming so please stay tuned!


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