65 Mustang Fastback

Hi Guys,
Out here in Arizona restoring a 65 stang. I have about a year and a half into the restoration. I had to out source most of the sheet metal work. I hadn’t welded in 30 years. It was not cheap, but I wanted it to be safe. It’s has been a scary learning experience for me. The biggest thing is my worry of making a mistake. Well I have learned to correct those mistakes and this has helped my confidence in the project. Just wanted to start a topic on the classic board. Let us know about your project🛸


Hey @last24mac love the car. It’s looking great so far. All I can say is that you WILL make mistakes and it’s ok. We learn from them. Looks like you have a lot of new parts on her, please keep us posted on the project! Looking forward to the progress and new pics! TIP: If you want to mention somebody just add the @ symbol and you’ll be able to include a reply to name. :slight_smile:

I am in the same space (1966 Mustang Coupe) but only have a month into it. I have learned on these projects, one bite at a time…lol. So I have been working the engine bay and inner fender box walls. Will not move past that till complete.

I have painted fenders and bumpers before; even a hood. Never a whole car thus joining Tony’s VIP’s. Let me share a tip with you (you may or may not know) . When you do inside the fenders themselves, use a rubberized undercoat on top of any finish you do in there. Why ? If a rock pops up under the fenders, they can actually cause a ding to show up on the top side…Just learned this :slight_smile:

So can anyone tell me how to post pictures?

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Great tip on the undercoating!

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