72 Firebird Formula


After stripping to bare metal, epoxy, filling ,building and blocking I’m ready to start finish, yesterday I wanted to get the rally stripes done and out of the way so I basecoated the black for the stripe’s, measured and taped for base color, all was good and I shot the paint amazing well…at least for me that is. When I unmasked the stripes I was floored to see that I had tape residue or I thought but it turned out I probably taped it to soon and the base stripe was not cured enough, I have done this before but this is the first time this has happened, Maybe the temp right now, Anyway after trying to prepsol, it off and even reduce it off it became clear I was going to have to sand it and shoot again, This morning I re shot the Black for the rally stripe and I normally very slightly undertape for the base color and sand the ridge then shoot the clear, I don’t think this will work this time as the Basecoat is metallic, So I’m asking for suggestions on how to get this right. If anyone can chime in I’d like to mask and shoot this afternoon so I don’t lose my clear window…Thanks


Thought I’d add an update, …so I sanded and red scuffed the entire hood, sprayed the black again then waited 2 hrs, stuck three different brands of tape down… it did the exact same thing… waited 8 hrs… same thing. So I said hei with it I’ll mask it in the morning shoot the Orange and clear it before I lose my clear window. … when I took the tape off it looked like crap again where the tape was… Sticking to my plan I shoot the clear and I’m GLAD I did, the clear seams like it melted whatever the tape was doing away and looks great, …at my level anyway.


@dyijb, Looks AWESOME man!! :+1:t3: What paint gun are you using?


Did you spray your car just like that or did you make a booth? I can’t imaging the overspray on all those surrounding cabinets


@dyijb - Looking great my man, love the color. I like the fact that you JUST DID IT. That’s what it takes and it’s all a learning process!


Thanks Tony I appreciate it! Can you explain what was going on with the tape thing? I have used both the tape and the basecoat in previous spray jobs but this is the first time I have seen the tape marks or causing the basecoat to fog. Came out nice after Clearing it…Like it was never there.
F575gtc I have drop curtains, they help but not perfect conditions of coarse.


I just picked up a new Devilbiss Tekna Prolite, I’m glad I did what a difference! I used the te-20 cap 1.3 tip and 17-18 lbs at the gun, The 1.3 is a little slower than the 1.4 but I really like the finished product. The base I used this time is 2:1 ratio


Hard to say because I haven’t looked at it. But like you said, I would think because of the base not fully curing and or the tape pulled off some of the base gloss. The clear usually hides weird imperfections a lot of the times. I know what you mean.


I looked at that gun, a bit put of my price range, I think it is $600+ with 3 tips and a cup


What brand of clearcoat did you use?


Matrix MS-42, I have had good luck with Matrix, My supplier is not going to carry it anymore, I guess Sherwin Williams bought them out, I went with R/M Diamont for my basecoat this time. Also I really like the newer dts primer my supplier turned me on to, it’s a high solids and shoots like basecoat with a 1.4 tip MAX. And so easy to Block sand you have to be carefull.


Check ebay for one to come up, I bought the one with the cup, but just started using DeKups and It is so much easier and cleaner, I can mix both colors and or clear and cap them off and there ready to go. This comes in really handy when I shoot a wet on wet sealer with a 30 min. max to coat. I use the cup to flush with Laquer thinner between colors. Trust me I do not know all the tricks and never had the opportunity to shadow some who does.


Thanks for the info, I’m always curious as to what type / brand of paint gun people are using. I use a SATA 3000B HVLP digital with a 1.4 tip and it does alright I guess. It would probably work better if I could fix that loose nut behind the trigger though. :grinning:

Seriously though… Looks Great!!


I bought an Atom X21 that I hope will spray alright, can’t wait to test it out


I took a short video but it won’t let me post, It was a great day to spray!


My Atom X21 sprays great. Im sure you will love it. I use mine for base and clear.


My first truck I painted was in my 1 1/2 car garage. It came out nice. Plastic, fans, filters, some 1x2 for filter frame and a water hose to spray the floor down. I didn’t have anything in the paint that didn’t buff out.Look good, cant wait to get to this point with mine


Finally all the work pays off, hit the first show and won a wash bucket full of detail products. :slight_smile:



@dyijb that is very nice!! WOW, Great job.



Thank You! After this paint job and detail, people are lining up wanting me to paint their rides, I do this as a hobby so I shy away from them, A guy tonight at a show wanted to pay me 8k to paint his, I’m retired so I do this stuff for fun on my time line. Although the Formula I bought 9 months ago completely stripped it down to metal,pulled the 455 engine and rebuilt the Transmission, the complete interior was gutted and replaced. 9 months later this is the result. Now time to enjoy the car and play at car shows. I’m looking foe a 302 Boss for my next winter project. :wink: I picked up A LOT of tips from Tony, so again a BIG Thanks!