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@TonyB I’m trying to to buy atom x20/21 I don’t know which one to buy

I have a 27gal 5hp air compressor

@TonyB should I get hvlp or lvlp

@Georgie13 - I would go for a LVLP and the X20. The X20 has a solid design and is well built. Keep me posted! Here’s the link on ZOoLaa: https://www.zoolaa.com/collections/atom-series-spray-guns-pre-order/products/atom-x20-professional-spray-gun

What you think about this air compressor is it good for this gun or should I try to sell the compressor and get something better?

Larger will always be better. You will be ok for motorcycle’s or touchups with this setup. If you plan to spray a full size car, you’ll need a larger compressor.