American Tape PG - Great Masking Tape for Car Prep

If anyone missed Tony’s Live Q and A last night, here is the tape he recommended.

It can be found elsewhere but TCPGlobal has very good prices.

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Thanks for the link Eric

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It’s good stuff, thanks for posting! Here’s the reply to the Auto Body Q&A:

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Brand new
£215.64 Was: Previous price£251.93

  • £35.23 postage
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Guess I’m “sticking” to normal masking tape!!


Can’t beat 3m! In my opinion!



3M is what I use, Just can’t justify paying £250 for masking tape! no matter how good it is!


Thanks bud, just starting to get all my ducks in a row to start my first real project. DewBobi


Hope all goes well on your project!! Can anyone out there tell me why I should spend £250 on masking tape?!.

Paul (who has never had an issue with £0.99 3M tape)

That tape is $2.50 a roll in the States which is much cheaper than 3M, Tony recommends it but he didn’t say you NEED to use it and no other tape will work, 3M is very stuff too so if that is cheaper use that.


I was not knocking Tony, he’s a great guy!. Thanks for chipping in! Look at my previous post (not aimed at Tony) it was copied and pasted from ebay, you can do the conversion to USD, but £215.64 without postage is a stupid price. I just wanted to know if the “gold plating” was any good!!


I didn’t mean my response to sound that way I was just saying 3M is a very good tape so use w/e is cheapest.

3M is actually more expensive state side than the American Tape, but there is no way that 1 roll of that tape costs 215 pounds that is $297 USD for a roll of tape.

You are looking at a case of it or an out of stock item where they greatly increase the price hoping no one attempts to buy it.

Shipping still hurts though

Thanks for the info f575gtc!!!

The info I posted was a copy / paste off ebay. I am not buying it!!, just posted it for a laugh, we are in the pub!!
Here to have a good time until the weather picks up in the UK, then check for some serious posts and help me out if you can!!


Hey guys, I get this stuff at my local auto body supply for about $2.75 a roll. If you can’t get it, or too expensive, get the 3M. It’s good too. All I am saying is don’t get the cheap crap, you’ll regret it. The YELLOW 3M is also good. I use that at times. :slight_smile:

Hi TonyB!!

Thanks for the advice, just what I thought, but had to have a LOL moment at the price on ebayUK, and share with everyone!!.


BTW we need more people in the pub!!