Another Canadian newbie signing up

Hey, I’ve been watching Tony’s YT videos for a while now along with Kevin Tetz, Paint Society and Motivated Painters (Gabriel) for a couple years now. Have done some small items for people, signs, fenders and hoods.
My name is Nathan and I’m from Ontario Canada and am working my way to a complete on my '93 Mustang Notch(or coupe depending where you’re from). The car is pretty straight, with only one silver dollar sized blister on the drivers door bottom under the rock guard, but has been painted prior to me owning it. It looks like it was a quick job because they didn’t pull trim, lights or 1/4 windows. This has caused some clear failures near the tape edges. I watched Tony’s “To sand to bare metal or not” video which led me to sign up here. I remember one of the guys I watch saying that if you don’t know or trust the work of the guy that was there before you, it is a good idea to strip it back. Always open to suggestions. Anyway, here’s the current state of the car.

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Where in Ontario are you?
I’m north of Hamilton.