Applying filler be appied over 80 grit vs bare metal

Hi everyone,
Im getting ready to repaint my Crown Vic. I already painted it once and I had a few imperfections so I blocked the entire car. I would like to know if I can fill all the low spots over 80 grit vs bare metal

What’s up bro. Yes use your 80 grit to scuff the area. Go about 3 inches or so out to take it to good metal. Put your body filler in. Then 80 grit it down and then 150, and then 320. Then take spot putty and skim coat the area and light sand flat. Good luck cheers!!

If you’ve just blocked the paint and the low spots aren’t horrendous, just use two part spot putty to fill them. 180 grit would be fine to rough up the paint for the putty to grab. Make sure your spot putty cures for a while before primer or it will shrink.

thanks Black sounds good

Thanks Crazzed I’ll give it a try