Are you really?

yes it is kold outside . you know when it warms to 55 degrees you will start your body work. you have bought guns and paint all ready. your getting sand paper next week so. now its time to get on good side of ma maw paint the inside of the house . paint all the base boards super gloss let her pick out the color aslong as it is not to dark. she,s happy you will be able to spend time with the girl friend as she call,s it in the garage when it warm,s up. happy trail,s mean kenny


LOL thats so true, get the deeds done so left in peace

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The “girl friend” should always comes first!!! After the silent treatment all is good!! (and a few nights on the sofa)


hey pal mean kenny here. my 120.00 stool is soon to be here. if you want one amazon has one made in the usa. you would love it with low back rest and you can put tools in the bottom and sand paper. you can,t buy them in a store dont even look.i have been welding on seat tracks for seat switch in nurse april,s 96 ranger. later

mean kenny; my wonderful 120.00 friend has arived

Hi Mr Mean,

Wishing you and your new “friend” all the best. It’s always great when the postman delivers something better than a tax demand!!


mean kenny here thank so much. it will be in the 50s this weekend in west ky. SOO back to work on seat track mods for nurse april,s 96 ranger.i am putting a nrg steering wheel in it . like they use to say what a trip man! i like the sofa thing i bought it for 1000.00 i don,t even set on it. my 5 year old grandson and i set in the 800.00 recliner sofine. what are you working on come on you can tell.