ATOM 21 HVLP Pulsates - Hey Tony

So used the ATOM 21 for my clearcoat on the underside of my hood and trunk on the 66 Mustang restore. It laid down nice pretty much BUT the whole time the gun pulsated. I don’t mean or couldn’t see it delivering more and less spray - that seemed uniform BUT in my hand I could feel it pulse. Is that common ? Just FYI, YES, the gun was squeaky clean first and plenty of air, etc…

Video of what I shot (I did basecoat with my 3M gun) (sorry about the poor video quality)


Check that the fluid tip is on nice and tight and that the cup breather isn’t clogged, pulsating can be caused by either of those two.

typically its a loose fluid tip.

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Tip was tight and there is no breather …I am using the 3M PPS cup on the ATOM 21 …which may be the issue. Works great on my primer gun and others but ATOM 21 may not like it which SUCKS because I want that as my clear gun

FYI, the PPS cups are self contained and can even spray upside down because they ARE able to evacuate all air…sigh

Honestly sounds like there could be an issue with the gun, my X21 atom doesn’t do that and I use the Devilbis Dekups system so that won’t be the issue, try reaching out to zoolaa’s support, they might be able to help quicker.

I am about 95% sure I can picture what your gun is doing, I bought a Spray-IT LVLP kit which is a low budge gun and I had to return 3 before I got a good one, no matter how tight I torqued the fluid tip on the gun would pulsate as if it was running out of material to spray then getting it then running out again. Ended up being that the fluid tip would not seal around the gun so it would keep losing pressure.

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Thank you…does Zoola even have support ? SHeesh…if I had not already invested good money in this I would just buy a devilbis and be done…

The odd part is I don’t seem to detect it varying fluid amount BUt that pulsating cant be good…

Honestly ? I feel like I have been scammed. Bought the whole DVD and book course (though all the information I needed was free on youtube), bought the gun, paid a lot of money, joined the PUB…and where is Tony ? At the bank…Zoola does not have any contact information

They have a chat at the bottom right corner

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Chat window in the bottom right corner is the Zoolaa support contact. I’ve used it a couple times and they are VERY responsive. Good luck.


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