ATOM 21 spray gun for sale - NEVER USED


Hello, when I joined I bought the ATOM 21 spray gun as part of a package deal. I am not going to be using it (nothing wrong with it and it is an AWESOME kit) but I am going a turbine route with their gun made for the turbine. As such, I have no use for it. It is STILL in the box, not ever used or cleaned for the first time.

Selling at a deep discount, paypal only, cost includes shipping except AK, and Hawaii. No international. I paid $239 - Asking $175

Thanks …again this is no knock on the gun …it is TOP quality. I just bought it before thinking of my needs.


GREAT GUN!!! save some money who ever needs one.

arcorob you didn’t mention if it is the HVLP or MPLVLP one


MP LVLP - The Cadillac

This one
Items in this shipment

ATOM X21 Professional Spray Gun - MP Solvent/Waterborne × 1


Dude that is a deal.


I know …someone should jump on this…Its never been used. Took it out of the box, looked at it, put it back in the box for future use and turns out I wont be using it

SOMEONE BUY THIS…:slight_smile:


Well, no one bit on a good deal so I am going to offer locally on Craiglist…wanted to offer to you guys first who have a definite need and know the value…Thanks all !


I am interested in purchasing your spray gun. Do you accept PayPal?

Terry Wham


Hi Terry,

Yes, I accept paypal. My id is [email protected]

Please be sure to include your full mailing address that should matches paypal. You pay, I ship the very next day via USPS !



Are you still interested in purchasing ?


What are the chances you still have that gun?


Do you still have the Atom X21 spray gun? If so, I want it.
Please let me know.