ATOM X20 MP Spay Gun PSI Settings


I recently purchased an ATOM X20 MP spray gun but am unsure what PSI setting is appropriate for this gun. I’ve seen videos where Tony has said LVLP guns should be set at 10-15 PSI and HVLP guns around 26-29 PSI for basecoat/clearcoat but am unsure if this rule applies to the X20 MP gun.

Has anybody here used the X20 MP and found a PSI setting it works best at for BC/CC?

Can’t wait to use this thing!

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hey @EllieMae94 - This gun basically can run on lower cfm because it’s a MP-LVLP spray gun. Paint viscosity always plays a factor to knowing the EXACT psi to spray at. Usually with a HVLP spray gun spraying basecoat or clear coat you will want to set your spray gun at 26-28 PSI (while the trigger is pulled and you looking at the PSI gauge dial). With this gun, your Atom X20 you’ll be setting it at a few PSI lower. That’s all. Anywhere from 22-28 psi. It will depend on your paint. Set it up, fill it up with some base and just spray it out something where you can practice on. REMEMBER: When it comes to painting (it all depends) It can also all be totally different if you decided to narrow your fan down to a 2-3" fan. Then you’ll have to lower your PSI down a lot, to avoid a high pressure jet stream lol. I think you made a great decision and investment by getting the Atom Spray Gun. They are well made and spray fantastic.

Check out this video if you haven’t:


Thanks so much, Tony. I’ll be setting this up in the next couple months when the weather gets warmer and will be sure to post up results!

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Elliemae94 I own the X20 MP LVLP and when I first used I was new to spraying with HVLP/LVLP or spray guns of any sort. So I was trying to spray with the X20 at 20psi with the trigger pulled and every so often I would get small globs of paint on my panel from the fan pattern. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on until I realized that the operating pressure of this gun was not that low and so I went back to the instruction booklet and to check and sure enough the operating pressure for the X20 MP LVLP was 24-36psi(with trigger pulled). So what that means is you will actually have you’re compressor regulator or gauge at the wall set at about 80psi(at least for me that’s usually what gives me the psi needed with trigger pulled) so then when you pull you’re trigger and look at the gauge on you’re gun it should drop from the 80psi you have it set at the wall to within the operating pressure of the X20 @ 24-36psi. So you will just want to adjust at the gun accordingly depending on what you’re spraying, type of paint viscosity and fan pattern size. I’m going to be doing a short review/ showing what settings I spray with it at depending on what I’m spraying on the X20 MP LVLP spray gun here soon and will let you know. Hope this helps understand a little bit better if you didn’t understand but if you did I apologize for going into so much detail. Anyways good luck on the project and have fun with it before anything else!!

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Hi, thank you for response. For me, I found spraying at 25 psi worked best for base coat. For clear, I upped the pressure to around 27 psi and got great results. I look forward to seeing your review on what worked best for you. There’s not a lot of info on these guns outside of LABAP. Thanks for your input!