Attempting a video

Hi everyone… this is me😆 The struggle is real!


@Skeeterusa the video came out really good. Nice shop you have there. Sucks the cold temp is working with you.

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@JuanC Thanks for the feedback greatly appreciated. Warm weather is just around the corner and I’ll try and do some more😊

Kent aka Genesis

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mean kenny; super cool video i thought it was warm their. 22 no snow w ky. still painting inside the house wont have to cut and buff. buy for now

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nice shop, what is the name of your youtube channel?

@pacer2320, Right now my YouTube channel is under construction. I will let you know when it’s ready to launch. I had to get some video editing software and learning how to use it and getting a bunch of stuff ready to post. Its going to be mostly about my 40 Ford Coupe build and I’m going to be painting my 2000 Chevy Silverado you see briefly in the video above.


cool, let us know when you start posting :sunglasses:

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