Basecoat over small burn throughs?

Guys, I am getting real close to laying some base coat down. One questions that I am still unsure of is small burn throughs like you can see on the hood where I busted through the clear and revealed some old base coat or primer. You can carefully dust new base right over this until its covered without any problems right? I wiped these areas with straight reducer and only a little bit of green came off on my rag and I was really wiping hard. My Wanda HS base coat is mixed 2:1 so it’s on the thicker side compared to a 1:1 base coat so I’m thinking I can dust color on these areas while I’m adding color to my primered bases and then once it dries I can lay down the normal coats for full panel coverage. These little burn throughs are all over the truck and spot priming them just seems crazy and would require a bunch more sanding. I do not want to spray sealer over the entire truck either. Most of the clear coat is in really good shape. An areas that de-laminated I removed the old clear and basecoat and re-primed as you can see on the door and front fender. The rest of the truck has spot primer over body work areas. Let me know what you think. If I must “seal” over burn throughs is there a 1K clear sealer that can be used? Lesonal has a product called Basefix design for just what I am talking about but I can’t find spray cans of that stuff.