Been Mooching Time to say Hello


I am Ian and living in the North East of UK due to marriage, originally from the south. I have finally achieved to get hold of the car I always wanted at 21, call it a mid life crisis, but there was no way I could of ever afforded the insurance or even the running costs back in the 80’s and that is the BMW E30 (318i). Picked it up as an import from Japan so at present the body work etc is in really good condition, only gets driven 6 months of the year and is currently wrapped up nice and warm in the garage for the winter, that salt on the roads can wreak havoc!!!

Have a few small jobs that I want to tackle and found Tony’s videos on You Tube and like the easy flowing style of them. Never tried body work before so thought I will give it a go along with my amateur mechanic skills. Hey Tony says it aint rocket science, what can possible go wrong!!! LOL

Will have plenty of questions nearer the time when the warmer weather is here because I dont actually have a garage big enough or near enough to paint in, so everything will be done outside, should annoy the neighbours.

Made a start on equipment got to wait to try it out now and that is the Atom X20.


Awesome @Ian-G Great to see you here! Keep us posted on this project! Gotta love those old school Bimmer’s. They are actually one of my favorite auto makers. I drove many of them.


the older ones are cool but even the newer ones can bring out the 16 year old I drive a 02 330 XI all wheel drive 5 speed corners like it is on rails hee hee