Bondo showing through paint work

Hi guys my bondo work is sticking out like a sore thumb through my paint work I used 80 ,120 ,150 then finished off with 220

Not sure what exactly is showing through but if you only went to 220 that could be one of your problems. You want to end with 400 or 600. You also need to be sure you have thoroughly primed over the body work before laying down paint. Sometimes the body work requires more coats of primer than other parts of the car that don’t have filler.
Z3beemer (Paul)

@KingRyan can you post some pictures? :call_me_hand:t3:

Yes… post some photos… I agree with Z3 - you should final sand with 400 or 600. Make sure you use a good primer that you can sand. Hit the primer with 400 or 600, tack it then apply base only over the primer. 1, 2, 3, 4 coats or more until the primer is covered. Then apply base over the whole area and paint as normal.

Did you seal it?? Also agree with others, sand with min of 400

If you see all the plastic, then you needed to use a sealer, if you see sanding scratches, then you didn’t properly sand. Most sealers only require a 180 or 220 finish before applying. A good sealer will leave a surface ready to fine sand and finish over 220.
I’ve, in 40+ years of refinishing never thought 400 under sealer was a good idea. Not enough tooth for proper adhesion

Now 400 on the sealer before base or single stage could be debated but if all else was right with the sealer all you would see in your finish would be sanding scratches. Hope this helps