Bought some “New” Used Air Filter Regulators

I found a really good deal on some used Filter regulators online locally and had to get them.

A 3/8 ARO Filter Regulator and a 1/4 Speedaire Filter Regulator, both in perfect working order. Paid $38 for both shipped. I just got them in, tested them out and they both work perfectly. Now I just need to figure out which one Im going to use first, and also where or how Im going to mount it since they didnt come with any brackets. Id like to be able to mount it to a stand or something portable bc I move my set up out of my garage sometimes when I need a bigger space to spray in. Im thinking maybe try and build a stand out of 2x4’s to start. Ive been googling filter regulator setups and havnt found anything too useful yet. Any and all suggestions are welcome? Ha

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After testing them out for a little bit I do think Im going to use the ARO for now. Just in the little time I used it I can tell that its far superior to the Craftsman filter Regulator Ive been using, its really not even comparable. The psi I set the ARO to is almost exactly what the guage at my gun reads, and I dont think it bounced a single psi off the set pressure the whole time I was spraying. Just a quick, initial review so far of the ARO

Good call on using the 3/8 regulator. That will allow much more airflow than the 1/4" one.

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