Can anyone theorize what happened in this area?

Everything turned out stellar except a 3" x 40" area under the hood. Did this about a week after paint. Only thing I can add is this hood was caked with oil when I got it - like a gasket had blown. I used purple clean and brake cleaner to clean it up. Everything was well stripped, dings fixed, prepped. Everything came out awesome except this area. Could there have been a residue left? Or did something come out of the gun wrong?

I’m going to let it cure another 7-10 days (other things to do anyways) then lightly sand and reshoot this area.

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There is some contamination, either some residue or with the product. More likely it is resIdue. I would let it harden a bit, then sand the area back to metal. Clean the area with wax and grease remover. Then prime, sand and repaint. If you just sand and re-spray the contamination will still be there and more than likely cause future problems.
Better to do it now than have to do it over again later.
PS I didn’t see in your description that you had used wax remover before you primed. If you did and the surface will craze like that if it didn’t completely dry before you sprayed. In any case, crazing like this is exactly what the wax and grease remover eliminates


It was stripped well - but with so many nooks and crannies, my guess is it was either missed or could have been runoff as the hood was removed from the car for prep.

I’ve got the damaged area sanded down about to primer at the moment. Going to go the rest of the way when the heat and humidity are down from its current 1,000F / 99% (week or so)…then respray the area. Its a very small area so not like a major deal. I’m restoring this car for a fella and no doubt it will be in shows, so it has to be right. :sunglasses:

Thanks much.

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I can tell ya what happened, even you left the clear to long in the gun and you added some more to it, or simply the clear stayed mixed for too long

It definitely got contaminated below the paint - even the primer was trying to lift. I still think it was residue from the oil it was bathed it or cleaners I used top remove the oil and grease. Probably was in the holes and seeped out after I wiped it down before paint. I stripped it to bare metal, shot some self-etching primer, lightly sanded that, then hit it with 2 coats of base again. So far so good. Probably clear it this weekend.