Cause of Rough paint?


Previous owner sprayed this Torino with what I think is single stage. There are runs all over the car so he was definitely not careful about what he was doing. I was hoping to sand it all down without going to bare metal, but I am also noticing this pattern of “roughness” all over the car. I don’t know how to describe it or what to call it, so hopefully this pic will suffice. It was shard to capture it with a camera.


It’s kinda hard to tell but no matter how you look at it that falls into poor prep before painting. If it’s me I would sand it all off. Looks like one I saw a redneck kid had painted. He just scuffed over all the old paint, rust spots and little pin holes then shot the truck with single stage.


Unfortunately that probably sums up this paint job rather well. Ha. Thanks for the input.


Color sand it and buff it! Done!