Compressor and gun compatibility

Hi Tony and the rest of the crew :slight_smile:

Riyaaz here from Cape Town in South Africa.

I just recently bought a 200l Compressor and have a brand new LVLP spray gun from the old 50L i had prior to this.
So i was wondering if should Still use it or instead sell it and get an HVLP gun? i’m thinking that because it’s only a 3hp i should rather stick to the LVLP but I’m really not sure?

I’m in no way qualified to spray lol just been teaching myself for a little over a year to do bodywork and spray painting, though i’m still at only the body work side of things lol and i must say: Tony’s videos have really been a great help and inspiration through all of it.
I managed to get some money and bought myself a bigger compressor in the hopes of making it a full time hobby or more.
bought the last of my paint today and am on holiday for the next 3 weeks so am going to keep myself busy on my car.

I’ve added a photo of the compressor/gun and specs for you guys to look over as i wouldn’t be of any help answering your questions lol.
Would really appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance for your advice.