Crazy hard clear coat, can't get it to polish after wet sanding

Man, I’ve never seen a clear like this. Truck was a repaint years ago and spent 6-7 months under a pine tree. Used a pressure washer, razor blade and alcohol to remove tons of sap on the hood. Then went to wet sand little razor nicks and had to drop to 1k to get any cut on the clear with a lot of hand pressure and DA. Went to 3k and then tried meguires ultra cut and Malco reflex to cut and polish. Neither one will pull 3k sanding out. Anyone seen this before and how to fix? I’m. Going to get some 5k trizac sand paper and try that next. Open to suggestions?

Well it’s too late to tell you not to use a razor blade to get tree sap off. I’ve never seen a clear that won’t polish, maybe your 1K scratches aren’t truly out. The paint should get shinier and smoother as you change grits of paper. Maybe search out some of the old school red rubbing compound paste and see how it reacts with that.

I got it, it just took 3 days and finding the right compound. Switched to a DA with 1200, 1500, 2000 then 3000 and touched up any spots bye hand then switched from meguires ultra cut to 3m perfect it rubbing compound and machine glaze came out beautifully.

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Awesome! That looks like a beautiful truck. Glad it worked out.