Dekups vs 3M PPS

Hello everyone,

I am looking to get a cup system to cut down on my clean up time, I don’t paint often but when I do I meticulously clean my gun and cleaning the cup is very time consuming. I know the cups system will be more money in the long run but I think it is worth it for the amount of time I save. Plus being able to spray at any angle is nice.

Question is which do I get? All but 1 of my guns use the same adapter which is the #2 PPS or DPC-11 Devilbiss my FLG4 uses a different adapter but I barely use that gun, might be selling it.

The Dekups system seems to be cheaper so I am leaning towards that but does anyone have any experience with one or the other, any suggestions that can be given?


LOL! Pour a little thinner in the cup, put the lid on and shake the gun, pull the trigger wide open over a trash can and let the thinner run out the tip, dump what is left and do the same one more time. ALL CLEAN! Remove the cap and the air vent from the paint cup cap and let them soak in some clean thinner in the paint cup. Wipe done the outside with a clean paper towel wet with thinner. Hang the gun until the next use or until you clean ti out for storage! Don’t waste money on the cap system! This only takes about 30 seconds!

My cleaning process is never as easy as you make it seem, lacquer thinner will start dissolving the paint but it doesn’t clean it as easily as you say, it takes a a good amount and tons of paper towels to leave the cup clean.

LOL f575gtc! I never said “lacquer” thinner! I said thinner. But you can use thinners, reducer or acetone to clean your gun. They all work, just some are more expensive so get the cheapest to clean with. I have been cleaning my guns like this for many many years without any problems. I learned from one of the best painters I have ever seen, and I am not young. It IS that simple and it only takes ONE paper towel to wipe it down, maybe two at best! This all only takes a minute or two.

My paint jobs START at $10,000. I select what I feel like painting and turn down most. I am not some newbie, without any experience!

If you take more than a minute or two to clean out your gun, you need to learn how to do it properly. My guns are spotless and work perfectly for many years at a time! There is not one spec of paint anywhere on my guns.

Good luck!

F575gtc I went ahead and purchased the Dekups adapter 11 for my two Atom X20 and 21 and let me tell you if you are a clean freak like me it is not going to save you much time in the long run because you are going to get paint on you’re Dekups sleeve and will end up taking the time to clean that as I do because I don’t want it looking all gross down the road with a bunch of different colors of paint splattered all over it… let me just say though that the benefit of being able to spray at any angle sideways, upside down etc using the Dekups system is the big reason I still do use it and will sometimes still use my aluminum cup. For instance I sprayed my girlfriends front bumper without taking it off if the car and there was no way I was able to spray the front lower part of it with my regular cup but using the Dekups Disposable system I was able to get the gun sideways/almost upside down and spray the under front edge of the bumper without any problems. So yes using the Dekups, it is nice for that benefit but another con of the system is when you’re gun stops spraying cause you’re disposable cups out of paint or so you think when you go to empty it to throw it away you will always have a small portion of paint left that you are unable to spray through the gun due to the way the cup inside the sleeve collapses. Now it’s maybe just a half ounce of product if that but that will add up over time if you just were to throw it out every time. So yes although it’s nice having the Dekups system if I know I’m not going to have to be spraying sideways or upside down then I will still use my cup many times. I hope this info helps you and maybe it will save you some time as far as having to clean the cup. Good luck- Your Jared C from Las Vegas, NV

I already but the Devilbiss system and love it, also helps if you use the right thinner for the paint

Unless you’re a production shop that needs to paint a dozen things in one day with the same gun, these cup systems are a waste of money. Maybe you’ve got a lot to spare, in which case let me know and I’ll send you my address and you can share the wealth. I’ve been cleaning my paint guns with gun wash / thinner, a 1" paint brush and towel for 30 years. Imagine cleaning your siphon feed gun several times a day. Thank goodness for gravity feed design! Don’t buy guns that have 1 1/2 quart cups and use the right gun for the job and you’ll be fine. I use SATA guns and always have because you can take them right apart in seconds and with the SS construction, they never leak and are super easy to clean. If I spend more that 2 minutes cleaning a gun, I’ve messed up somewhere.