Digital Air Regulators. Anyone using them?

I’ve always used analog guages at the gun but I want to try out a digital regulator. I plan on buying either the Lematec or the Central Pnuematic(Harbor Freight) Digital to try first. Obviously the cost is a factor but Ive read good reviews for both and Ive also read bad reviews for both. Anyone here using those or any other digital guages at the gun? I’ve always liked the built in digital guage in my Sata, Id have that in all my guns if it was an option. Next best thing I guess

This one has some good reviews but I could only find a few everywhere I found it for sale.

I have digital pressure gauges on both my spray guns. For reasonable accuracy at the lower pressures (16-32psi) used on HV/LV guns today, the dial gauges just don’t have enough resolution and repeatability for consistent results.


I’ve been using the one shown above by Lemetac; around $30 CDN on Amazon. Very happy with both of them.

Checked low end pressure with my reference digital gauge and it is quite accurate; within 0.2 psi. To me repeatability is more important and this unit works great increasing and lowering pressure. Regulator adjustment knob is a bit small but works well.

The size and flatter format, when spraying, doesn’t interfere with your arm and you can easily see your “working” pressure. The display is a bit dimmer than an old guy like me would prefer but OK.

One note of caution: the faceplate is likely to deteriorate if exposed to thinner while cleaning as it is some sort of plastic film. Suggest disconnecting or covering when cleaning gun. No need to spend more money on anything else.

Spray On!

Harbor Freight had a sale the other week on their digital guage for like $10 so I went ahead bought it. I havnt actually sprayed anything with it yet but I played around with it for a few and it seemed decent quality, held air steady, ect. I will be spraying this weekend with it so Ill know more then but so far no complaints, I dont expect it to last too long so Ill probably go ahead and order the lematec brand too. I was leaning towards it anyways, but I always like to hear first person reviews if possible so I appreciate the feedback.