First post - new project car


What’s up guys!?! This is my first post here on the PUB… So I picked up this 99 civic hatchback as a little project … has some dings and dents on her… some rust holes at the bottom of the passenger side door and rot on the hood so I’m going to replace those panels… it’s fall time here in Boston so it’s starting to get chilly. Tying to decide wether or not to wait until spring to start doing bodywork… I have done a lot of little projects with aerosol cans with great success, but this willl be my first time painting a complete car with a spray gun … I have a 21 gallon air compressor which is pretty small for such a big project - so I plan to remove the fenders, hood, and bumpers and spray separate ( let my compressor catch up ) I will be spraying the car either light gray or white… any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free!!! Looking forward to learning and growing with You all. And big shoutout to TONY B… have learned a lot from his channels in the last year or so, so thanks man- appreciate you!!