First spraying - SUCCESS!

*** First time spraying with new setup ***
This is my first time spraying (eastwood epoxy primer) with my new compressor and 3M accuspray HVLP gun…not bad for first time and youtube educated////LOL

Used 1.8 tip on the Accuspray and used 10% reducer. Came out awesome and thank god that system lets you spray at any angle because inside the trunk is a BEAST


@arcorob… AWESOME!!! Looks killer :+1:t3:

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Nice job, what color are planning on?

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Cobalt Blue…and I will do the white stripes…

This color blue


Here is the GT stripes I mean


Spraying 2k primer or bc/cc even single stage so so much more forgiving and easier to spray than lets say Rustoleum. I just sprayed a kirker primer perfect prime today laid down so smooth and clean up was a breeze. Rustoleum always fights back and gets stuck in the gun somewhere.


Very nice, just a little orange peel on the flat part ther. Might get a little closer or for large areas like trunks slow it down a little, maybe a slow reducer to help it flow a little better.


Hey Brian,

Actually, no orange peel at all…just noticed, its an effect of the photo (digitized). The trunk lid is dead flat and inside the trunk, any texture was from the trunk itself. Trust, me I checked. :slight_smile:

Now, on the trunk lid, I did wind up with about 10 pieces of dust. Doesn’t matter in the primer and the location but I will have to be super careful when it comes to the basecoat/clearcoat stage. I plan on not only cleaning the garage but actually making a temp booth. I am sure I will still get some dust but even spray booths will get that occasionally …I am just damn glad I did my first spray and handled it pretty well.

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Looks great! How do you like that spray gun? How many uses do you get out of it? Thinking of getting one to test out soon.


When you get ready to lay down the color try spraying the floor with a little water, really helps keep the dust down. Trunks are difficult and yes it looks good.

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hey mr. brian way cool. i bought paint friday ppg store shopline peacock blue 1968 ford base ppg show clear. i need to buy epoxy soon. i got steering wheel done 10hrs total.i am doing fan shroud now got to pull radiator to mount fan. later i start back sanding old paint with 600 wet not 80 over 600 i can epoxy then paint 30 min later. buy buy mean kenny shopin

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The gun is AWESOME. Does not push a ton of overspray and perfect for the first timer. Layed down the epoxy primer incredibly and for the trunk, the fact I could spray at any angle (even upside down) was a really saver.

I think the tips would last a good 3 or 4 times each (I bought extra) and the PPS cups are just awesome. Now …is it a top quality gun? Probably not…but for $189 for a full kit, 4 tips, cups, etc etc. you cant go wrong. I DID but an adapter for the Atom 21 spray gun as I want to try that with the pps cups and see how it performs. It will decide which one does my clearcoat but for primer and base, I am going with the 3M because it really lays on flat the way I want …Pictures are always nice

This is the trunk after drying - oh and someone try to tell me I had orange peel…LOL…where ?

And now I have started the underside of the hood…I have some grinding to do but started with a 36grit flap disk

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In the trunk not on the trunk lid, Don’t be a hater when Im only commenting on your picture dude. Im not their in person. I still think the flat area in the center of interior trunk pic either wasn’t smooth or had a little peal ( looking at a picture). The trunk lid looks wonderful.

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Hey brother, not being a hater Was explaining (thought I had earlier) that what you were seeing was the digitizing effect of the camera. So I explained, its flat as hell :slight_smile: and that was when it was wet and shiny. If you look at the latest, you will see…flat as it should be.

BTW…the wetness was my fault…LOL. 1) Too cold 2) Directions should be followed. I waited a typical 10 - 15 minutes between coats. Directions said 30…OOPS…LOL

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I believe Brian is referring to the 45 degree vertical flat area in the rear of the trunk, picture #2 above. Not the trunk lid itself. That’s not due to digitization of the picture, it’s likely as you said, the texture of the trunk itself.

Looks good @arcorob - I need to test one out! :slight_smile:

Under hood is done now

Before and after (used fast etch before primer)

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nice job :+1: do you have more vids on your youtube channel? link?

Yes, but not with paint …I have a whole series from the day I bought till now

Here ya go - you will REALLY like part 5 vs how it finally came out