Full body paint -Matching the Doors, Hood ,Trunk

I wanted to get some advice on my painting project. This course has given me the the background on doing the car myself. I didn’t have enough time to paint the entire car, so I painted the body minus the doors, hood, and trunk. the car is a 68 Camaro - Ralleye Green metallic. How can I get the doors, trunk and hood to match the rest of the car body ? The body has already been clear coated. I know it is best to paint everything at the same time but the weather is cold here in Ohio at this time. I did think of doing a small part and apply the same 4 coats of paint and check for a color match. Any advice would be helpful.

Ohio RS/SS camaro

More Pics on the beginning stages of the car…This course is great but i just need more practice perfecting the painting process and how to detect when there are problems at the beginning.

Ohio RS/SS Camaro

This has been a long road to getting everything worked out. Any types of replacement metal parts that I purchased didn’t really fit that great. All the hard work is paying off.