Happy new year! 2019 baby!

Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR AUTO NATION! To a thriving 2019! Big things coming for all of us toward the middle of the year. I will reveal more as the months progress. Almost burned my kitchen down just NOW… cooking some sausage. Windows WIDE OPEN 33 degrees outside to blow the smoke out of the house LOL WOW!! Now that was a FIRE!!!

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Happy New Year Tony. I have a TON of catching up to do on the courses and have committed to doing them 110% in 2019 … :wink:

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Let’s ROCK IT!!! - You need to see the NEW product I am working on. OMG. You’ll be one of the first to know - we are about 2 months out from the BIG reveal :wink:

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Happy New Year to you too Tony!

Sounds like you better stay in the garage and do Auto Body & Paint, and leave the kitchen and cooking to others…LOL!
The main thing is everyone is ok, and no injuries…of course windows open at 33 degrees outside isn’t comfortable.

Looking forward to what you have planned.

Awesome man!! Totally look forward to it :call_me_hand:t3: I’m serious though… 110% :+1:t3: