Headlamp Restoration

We got a kit from a trade show and I thought I’d give it a shot on my kid’s Mazda.
Step 1 was to tape off the paint. They give you some 1" 3M and it is a little narrow so I opted for my own 1 1/2" tape.
Step 2 is to sand. I used the drill mount and 3" paper in the kit. Started with 500 wet, then 800 wet and then the 3000 Trizact. Used about 2 pieces of each to get it ready for polishing.
Step 3 is to polish. They give you a 3" foam pad to put on the mandrel and a couple of pouches of polish. A rubbing compound and a wax.
It turned out pretty nice! Not perfect, but the marks that are left are on the inside of the lens.
Overall I think a person could just wet sand with what he has in the cupboard and finished it with 2000 grit, and polished it out with regular polish and used a carnauba wax, it would produce the same results. Good to try though.