Hello from Nevada


Hey Guys, Wanted to say Thank You Tony for sharing your knowledge!! I’m in Nevada and have for the most part been self taught and I’m sure not all the right ways:slight_smile: Looking forward to sharpening some of the ways I prep and paint. I am retired and do restores for a hobbie, currently working on a 72 Formula. I have some questions on striping so I’ll post in another category and hopefully get some input. Have a great day!

Sweet desiccant

Hi Dyijb,

Paul here from the UK!, good you found the pub! Tony is a great guy and will sort you out. This is a hobby for me as well. 50 now and have been fixing car engines and bodywork since I was 16. Also retired (disabilities, operations on back and legs went wrong) but not complaining!! Still have some fingers in many pies!, but cars are my passion.

Same as you, self taught, with some help from my Dad many years ago. I am here to learn from the experts and convert my projects into something I can be proud of, instead of “that looks OK”.

Look, read, watch and have fun!



mean kenny welcome to tony,s old man,s club where in winter vip means very intense pain yes stocking up on yokes. also stocking on materials. i just figured out i had a shop mechanic chair perfect for working on side,sfor old timer,s like 59 . it has been missing for 15 yrs .i bought one online yesterday 115,oo gee . least he is spraying to cold to sand in w ky. buy now not layder you can they will sell you the lincoln 140 mig at lowe,s out the door 530.00 . be warm cold mean kenny


Hey there Mr Mean,

Lay off the moonshine man!! Stick to the beer!. Can you, or someone else, translate that post for me? I get the first bit about the pain, But the rest is…?

Will “yokes” get rid of the pain?, you lost a chair for 15 years?,and if you paid $115G for a chair, well, I hope it sprays real good!!

Having a LOL!!



That’s how I used to feel after spraying Ameron in the 70’s :slight_smile: No Mask… what was that. Holly *+%!


mean kenny; hey give me a brake this pub is designed for ioob members. you know what that is international order of old bastard club. yes i have had back surgery 345 lunb fusion not braging.TO SKEETER put the hinge adjust panel 3/4 inch from front door edge. so the door wont have FLEX.