Help. Me do this

How do I pull these panels out and straighten them

Hi I notice that you say panels but I only see one photo which I will address: you have already attached the studs, next heat up the areas one at a time that may be higher than what they should be and lightly tap them down with a shrinking hammer. continue until the are either flat with the surrounding area or ever so slightly lower. once you are happy with that process remove the studs by first using snips then grinding the base smooth with the panel. once the panel is completely cool press on it lightly to see if it moves in. if it doesn’t use a little more pressure to see if it moves. if again it doesn’t then its ready for a skim coat of body filler, primer, etc. if it does move in, then you will have to heat small areas at a time no bigger than a nickel to it red hot and then taking a rag soaked with cool water and quickly applying it to the heated area. this will make the metal more rigid again. once your finished you can as above apply a thin coat of body filler, primer, etc. don’t forget to take the grinder or flapper wheel and roughen the area before applying the body filler as this will make it bond to the panel correctly.