Help with metal flake

I bought eastwood winner white super flake for my 86 c10 im painting blue. I sprayed the basecoat on a fender which went on fine and then put the flakes in some clear to the amount I wanted and sprayed that. I then put on 3 heavy coats of clear to bury the flakes, however some of the flakes could still be seen that weren’t covered. I then waited a couple days and wet sanded the fender with 800 to smooth any of the flakes sticking out. My plan was to spray another 2 wet coats of clear over the whole fender because sanding with 2500 wet and buffing. Please tell me if there is anything wrong with my procedure. Im glad its only a fender so if I screwed up its not that big a deal. This is my first time spraying metal flake, had it been just base clear I would be good. Thanks.

Hey Brian! Welcome to the Flake World! It’s a humbling place to visit. In my experience, flake is rough when sprayed and one way to help it stay flatter is to spray it close to the panel with an intercoat clear (slightly thicker than normal) with lower pressure and let that dry. If you keep spraying clear on the wet flake, it could keep rising to the top or tipping on edge (flake is weird that way). If you’re using a chrome or white flake, you should be able to 1000 grit it smoother and then reclear and it should stay nice and then cut and polish to a mirror. Colored flake needs to be red Scotch-Brited and then cleared and cut and polished otherwise it will turn chrome. Good job on doing a test panel!! Good luck and post some pics when it’s done.

Do you think there will be any silver spots with what I have done if I clear over it now?

If you’ve got it pretty smooth before putting your finish clear on it, you should have enough to cut and polish without breaking through. I would suggest 3 coats if your going to block the clear before polishing it.

I sanded the panel down to base to remove all the clear. I’m going to rebase the panel this weekend and use some intercoat as suggested. I plan on doing 2 coats of flake and then 3-4 coats of intercoat on top to cover the flake. wait a couple days and sand with 800 wet and top coat with 3 coats of clear. Does this sound better?

Yeah it’s trial and error to get it how you want it to look. Sounds like a solid plan. You may not need all of that clear so just watch it as you’re applying it after you get your flake “set”.