Hey everyone and Tony


Hey everyone. Im from Melbourne Australia. Over the years always tinkered with cars and just always had the idea of making one completely mine. Sprayed a few things over the years such as bikes and little bits, all until I found tonys youtube videos gave me more confidence to try more bits and pieces. In the process ive made a fair few mistakes and learned along the way. And then tools seems to be never ending of something i have to buy. :joy: Learned to cut n polish so much great advice on here. Also the Last photo of the silver two toned with jet black bumper is my last project. any adive on how to get the black and silver base coat down would be greatful. i laid tape down and it boiled up my basecoat unfortunately, the bumper was in two pieces when i started first time plastic welding. Would love to see a video on how to get the base on the bumper Tony :slight_smile:


hey @Babz - Whatโ€™s up MATE! Did you see this vid?

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Whats the difference between a DA and an electric jitterbug?