Hi from Arizona


Hi everyone,
My name is Daniel, I live in Arizona about a mile north of the old Mexico border. I am working on a 1952 Dodge pickup and a 1963 Chevy impala 4 door hardtop. It’s a survivor with 62,929 miles on it, no rust anywhere. Glad to be here, looking forward to learning something new . Don’t know much about painting but I’m going to give it a try.


@danv, welcome to the PUB. Sounds like you have some pretty cool projects ahead of you :+1:t3: . The PUB is getting bigger everyday so it should be FULL of great info very soon:+1:t3:


Hi Skeeter,
Yeah I think this should be a nice place to see whats going on and learn things. Do you shoot skeet ?
I was a trapper at a skeet range for seven years. Just wondering.


:joy: No, don’t shoot skeet too much any more. It’s a nick name I acquired years ago because I had a Skeeter Bass boat. :rofl: If you click on my profile picture it will tell you a little about me and a lot of times I will end a post like this…

Kent aka “Genesis”


Hi a very warm welcome to the pub from a very cold UK


Hi Ian,
Thanks for the welcome, hope it warms up soon.


That’s cool I’m from Arizona to that’s a badass project I would like to see pictures of the 63 impala.


Hi Daniel,
I’ll try to post some pictures in a week or so. It’s being restored to the original look, i’m not slamming it or putting air ride in but I will put a two inch drop on it. Thanks for your interest.


mean kenny; skeeter it,s going to be 70 today in w ky. just got pain shot in lower back l5 and s1 can,t do anything today. look out tomorrow. i just ordered a dessicant air filter and dryer i didnot know about. i am trying to figure out how to put pictures on the pub of april,s 96 ranger project i am building. help help.