Hi Guys, 1st post here

Hi all!!, Paul here from Nottinghamshire, England

Well, its a pub Jim, but not as I know it. (sorry ST fan)!

I am probably an oldy among you, 50, but have been doing repairs since 16, my first project was an Alfasud, bought as a non runner, with more holes than a sieve, but only 42K miles on the clock. This is where I learnt all my body work and mechanical skills from my Dad, after a year it looked great and was quick!!.

Since the Alfa project I have stripped and rebuilt more engines than I care to remember, the last being a classic MK1 Toyota MR2. I have more stories than there is space! but I won’t bore you too much.

I retired at age 38 (yes I know that was young, but I had made enough to turn my hair grey and fall out (financial sector), I got bored and decided to go back to my first love: cars. I had owned all the best cars and out of all of them Mercedes was the best, so mid-life crisis I had to own a classic SL, I bought it from a friend that owned a garage, It was his car. Mechanically superb, but the front wings (US: Fenders) had started to rust. I replaced them £350 each from MB!! and sprayed them in my garage. But there was a problem…

I used paint matched rattle cans, lots of them, and when I fitted them, it became obvious that either it was a bad match or car had been resprayed (it had) before. So I was very happy with my rattle can finish (2500 grit sanded, lacquered, 2500 grit sanded, paste polished), but there was no way I could could do the whole car with rattle cans.

So that guys ( and girls?) is why I am here. I have bought all the equipment, cheapish gun, devilbiss, (atom x21 ordered and paid for two weeks ago, and I will kick Tony’s ass if it don’t arrive soon $344.59!! ( hint Tony!) I am learning, reading all the time, and practising on new wings I bought for my other MB CLK W208 project car.

Sorry, a bit long, got carried away!!



mean kenny great stay off the porch.

Paul hate to bearer of bad news but will be custom charges on top of what you paid, I kust eeceived my x20 and it cost a further £60 to get delivered

Thanks for that!! my beer has now gone flat. WTF!!, I didn’t see any mention of that. BTW how long did yours take to come? Come on, give me all the bad news in one go.

Ordered on27 Dec recieved it about 20 Jan. It was something like £7 odd for customs to raise charges, £40 VAT and then £11 odd for parcel force to deliver and admin charges. Other than that noore depressing news LOL

Thanks for info. How did you find out about the charges? I paid $64.64 for delivery to my house, why should I have to pay any more?

Dug out some photos to share!

The MB R129, before new wings and 3 fin grille, next to Hymer motorhome,


Hard top on with new grille. More pics to come on MB clk w208 project car (not down loaded from camera yet)


Sorry, I think it’s customs. We have NO control over that stuff.

Nice looking Benz! - Those are classic.

hey @paulsanderson - WTF lol. They ship out as soon as the orders come in (during the week). I have no control after it goes out. We use the best shipping services at the expected rates. U should have a tracking number to track your order. Keep us posed my man!!

Haha @Ian-G that’s what happens when you live overseas. But again, the US isn’t the best place either lol.

LOL Tony. Must admit I did have a WTF moment. But considering the gun was practically half price I figured I was still a winner

Tony B,

Thanks for chipping in, you are dealing with an accountant with over 20 years of international experience, This item was paid DDP, Which means Duty Paid Delivered. Check out “incoterms”. Having paid for the item to be delivered to my house all customs charges are the responsibility of the seller.

Stick that in someones pipe and smoke it.

Quote from sales page: “Shipping & taxes calculated at checkout”

Yes I went to page “to buy another” just to make sure I had my facts straight. I have therefore paid all taxes and for delivery to my door.

Ian-G get some money back and an apology for being screwed!!!


I have seen items from Ebay act the same way, you pay for everything up front but then get “scammed” with another customs charge before they release it to the customer, Tony has nothing to do that.

I tried to copy/paste transaction details, but for some reason “not allowed”, so TonyB, you are going to have to take my word:
Dispatch details
The seller hasn’t provided any dispatch details yet.
(Copied and pasted that bit)

PayPal receipt for $279.95 plus $64.64 shipping to my house date 16th Jan 2018.Check out: Google Incoterms 2017 DDP

No further communication received.

TonyB, please advise were we go from here.


mean kenny; don,t mad at the BOSS it will be good.go to the beer store . it is 18 deg. tonight in west ky. super probaly is the new kool.

All is Cool!! Mr Mean. Check out Mr Bean if you want a laugh!!


Im 53 also learned allot form my Dad. So my hobby is his fault. However their are lots of people here that will answer your questions that have been there done that kind of guys? Remember their are no stupid questions! By the way I have the Atomx21 and it works great . Base and clear is what I use it for, NO Primer. I have a dedicated primer gun. Well good luck glad your hear and we all like to see project pictures before and after. My project is the “Slow Ride” main page.

Hi there Brian_W !

51 in May!!! God bless my Dad, he taught me all the mechanics (died 2004), mother told me to take all his tools (died 2014). He was an engineer, and I have micrometers and precision tools to re-build engines!! (and knowledge) but painting for me is limited to rattle cans, with results people cannot believe. I now have all the spray equip. I need, just waiting for UK to warm up. I have industrial heater, but gas usage is incredable!!, I wemt through 18KG propane in 1&1/2 days (£45.00).

You mention you have an Atom 21. can you tell me what the three plastic rings, that are supplied are for? My instructions and other things were destroyed in transit!! (gun looks OK), paint canister was mashed but Tony helped me out with that (thanks Tony).