Hi Guys, 1st post here

hay Paul sorry to here about that. I have lost my mother 3 years ago but my Dad lives next door to me. Its hard to see him be so lonely. If he had his way he would have left us with mom. On a brighter note send me pictures of what you have and I let you know what their for. My Atom x 21 works great, very nice lay of base and clear.

Hi Brian_W,

Hardest thing in the world losing your mentor. Both missed every day.

I can take pics, but when you opened the box, there is a plastic bag containing: A tooth brush, spanner, and three plastic rings which are flat on one side.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about I can send pics.

Help before I use it, Many thanks!!.




Image I think uploaded, I feel like Sly Stallone asking what the 3 sea shells are for, and swearing madly to get paper for his …(Demolition Man) Got to have watched the movie to get this!!!


Those are just extra spacers that go in between the gun and threaded plastic part on the cap, you only use them if they wear our from cleaning overtime.

You really need to clean the gun before you use it. Those white plastic maze looking thing are replacement gaskets behind the nozzle. The tool will help removal of nozzle for cleaning. The gasket is reusable however it will go bad. I usually get a couple of years on one. Just be careful with them. I know tony has a cleaning video on youTube for these guns. Check it out.

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Thanks guys!!

I do intend to clean gun before use, I have seen the video on cleaning, but must have missed the plastic rings bit. I will watch it again.

Mystery solved!!

Thanks again.


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hey brian pray for tuapee he is having neck surgery today. he will be out of the physical game for have the season. at least you see your dad mine is 91 in ocala fla. nursing home a neighbor be came custoidal and stole all the money, i cannot even talk to him. but when he dies he comes to west ky and heaven for good. he has always been great to me. i am spending great time with my new best friend removing pin stripes of ranger, and new black& decker DA works great 65.00 friend.

I Like, very much! The welder too.