I have some questions about the Atom X20 and Atom X21 spray gun line


Hello everyone,

Really interested in a X20 or X21 spray gun to paint a few cars, I currently have a Devilbiss FLG4 and was looking for a backup gun that uses a bit less air and is possibly a better gun which can lay down a better coat.

  1. At the time of this post the X20 is more expensive than the X21 on Zoolaa.com by $10, the X21 appears to be the better gun, is there any reason why one would pick the X20 over the X21?

  2. As per the X21 reviews the cap on the gun is plastic, and has a bunch of plastic spacers does this affect its durability at all especially when dealing with lacquer thinner?

  3. I also noticed both guns come with the option of a 1.3 and 1.4 tip, some guns like the Iwata LPH400 seem to work better on the silver 1.4 cap for base and clear, these tips are both very similar to overall purpose tips, which is the better option? I am going to be spraying solid color base and clear coat with occasional metallics.

  4. Kinda going off question 2, if I were to order a 1.4mm tip X21 why is the 1.3mm tip not available separately and are there any plans to change this in the future? I would love to have the ability to have both a 1.3 and 1.4 without needing to purchase a second gun.

  5. Zoolaa states “Try our world-class products risk-free.” How does that apply to the spray guns? I am assuming if one were to purchase a gun and spray with it then returns on a used item would no longer apply and you can’t really “try” a gun without using it.

Last question what is MP LVLP? N/M on this found my answer on Zoolaa

Thanks for all your time and I do apologize for all the questions, I have purchased a few cheaper spray guns in the past that were knock off clones made in China and sprayed very poorly, the only difference is was those were $50-70 and these are $260-270 so it is a greater risk not knowing what I am getting.


hey @f575gtc - These are very good quality spray guns. IMO I like the X20. It seems like a better design than the X21. I have all of them, and spray with all of them. The last time I checked, my Devilbiss FLG4 was made in china.

If I were you and getting your first Atom, I would go for the X20 HVLP. IMO of course.

  1. I think you are comparing the wrong models.

The X21 HVLP: https://www.zoolaa.com/collections/atom-series-spray-guns-pre-order/products/atom-x21-professional-spray-gun-hvlp-solvent-waterborne

The X20 HVLP: https://www.zoolaa.com/collections/atom-series-spray-guns-pre-order/products/atom-x20-professional-spray-gun-hvlp-solvent-waterborne

  1. The cap is NOT plastic. The inner threading which the cap screws on is a hard polymer plastic. I am not sure why they made the higher-end gun like this. I think maybe for weight savings and the ease for rebuilding purposes if needed. They are in the process of making a far superior spray gun and I will keep you all posted as soon as I am able to talk about it.

  2. I go to tip size for overall automotive painting is a 1.4 tip. For base and clears. Some guys like to use the 1.3 for clears.

  3. We are on back order for extra tip kits for all spray guns for the 1.3 and 1.4 tip sizes. They should be in stock soon. Yes that option is coming real soon. The just had a big launch in Europe under another brand/company name and completely sold out on the tip kits. We were lucky to get the 2.0 sizes.

  4. This is tricky. That statement needs to be modified. Due to the NEW launch of these Atom spray guns (about 6 months in now) we wanted to offer a risk free trial to new users. Just so you know, any issues that we have been having with them (hardly any besides users completely taking them apart and not putting them back together correctly), we have been supporting. As a matter of fact, I just shipped out a brand new Atom X21 to a customer who broke is first one (free of charge). Ask any other spray gun company to do this, they won’t! We got on a facetime call today and he showed me the gun, he took off parts that we’re not supposed to be removed. LOL. OMG. Anyway, I hope this helps.

Last questions LOL WOW! PHEW. - These DO NOT spray poorly. Back in late 2011-2012 I was a BIG FAN of the Warwick spray gun company, probably more than I am with the Atom today…

I promoted their gun for 5 years. They were high quality SATA style knock offs that actually sprayed and performed very nice. Now when I say knock off, it wasn’t a 100% copy… it couldn’t have been. The legal issues would have taken them down in a quickness. In late 2016 I started to get a TON of customer complaints and refunds due to the quality of the Warwick spray guns diminishing.

I’m talking… pitted chrome finishes, dented cups, and issues with spraying. We had so many issues within one month, I had to drop them like a hot potato. ( We still have some in stock that we want to liquidate btw).

I then went on a search for a high quality affordable spray gun and found Atom hiding out at the SEMA convention in Nov 2016, we started to slowly build a relationship and now I am promoting them. I think they are a really high quality made spray gun (not the cheap crap that you get) believe me, I know. Now, Atom also has a VERY HIGH QUALITY COPY of the SATA, but it’s way too close. Another distributer had to stop selling them because SATA was after them. They are in the works to reengineer the spray gun, but for now, I’m in the dark about that project.

I’ve sprayed quite a few projects with all three Atom X models and never had an issue with them. They all spray fantastic and also lay on clears beautifully. I’ll be uploading more videos on their performance soon and also plan to make a lot more new videos this coming summer.

That being said, I’m most likely heading to Vegas this November to look for another up and coming brand and spray gun that we can show-off. I am also on the lookout to find a full plastic style gun like: https://www.amazon.com/3M-16580-Accuspray-System-Standard/dp/B01497MZB6

I think they are just so cool! Too bad this style is more of a use and trash. I would like one that would actually last a year or two painting a car a month. Anyway, I hope this helped? :slight_smile:

Talk soon!


Thanks for all the help, and again not trying to bash the gun, I am just tired of buying cheaper (quality not price) tools so I question anything I haven’t heard much about.

I was looking at the LVLP options to try and save some air, have you used those at all or HVLP is still your best recommendation?

I live in Connecticut so i can’t even spray until April or so I am just looking for a good to pick up then

Again thank you for your time


@f575gtc, great questions on the Atom paint guns. I know I’m going to pick up one of the X16’s for sure for door jams and tight area’s but I’ve also been thinking about an X20 or X21. I’m leaning towards the X20 at this point. Also, I live in North Idaho and won’t be painting anytime soon due to COLD!! :persevere:

Kent aka “Genesis”


I will probably pick up a X16 too, that one is easy since it only comes in an HVLP flavor and both tips are available.

The other two guns were the concerning parts but if there is a chance that the 1.3mm and 1.4 tips will be available separately for both the x20 and x21 it makes the decision easier.

I still don’t know if I want the X20 or X21 and if I want to go HVLP or MP LVLP. Why are you leaning towards the X20 if I may ask? The X21 is the more expensive gun when not on sale by almost $100 there has to be a reason for that


Like I said, I have all three models. The X20 SEEMS like a better design. Just spoke to them yesterday and like I said, they have a new version that may be coming out within the next 6 months. It will be a very high end model and will closely compete with the top SATA Jet 5000 model. I will keep you posted on this as more info unfolds. Again, I think you’ll be very happy with the X20. The X21 is not made for beginners. It has more parts and when newbies clean them, they tend to put them together wrong and mess them up. The X20 has a more straight forward build. With this said, they ALL spray fantastic. Good luck in your spraying and please post pics here, would love to see them!


Whoops sorry I was asking Skeeterusa why he was leaning towards the X20 over the X21 just trying to get multiple opinions.


I’m leaning towards the X20 because I don’t think I will ever shoot waterborne paints and it is HVLP like my SATA. Not really concerned about the price as long as it performs well.


Thanks for all the responses everyone, I will be looking at one of these in the coming months as it warms up. Probably going to pick up the X16 first as that is a simple choice.


Hay man Atom X21 works great, It does NOT only do water base it does both. I use it for clear and yes the plastic cap was a problem but the new cap they sent me works great. Not sure about the 20 but I haven’t seen any complaints and Tony likes it. I don’t think any of the two guns would be a bad choice. Good luck


Which tip did you go with? If both are available separately in the future than it won’t be an issue but if I am stuck choosing one or the other I would like to have a better all around tip.

That being said it sounds like the 1.4 tip will be the better choice but I always sprayed clears with a 1.3 tip using my FLG4 and my base coats with the 1.5 it came with.

I want to have 1 gun for clears and base and use my other ones for primer.


@f575gtc Both will be available. I would go with a 1.4 for base and clear. It’s what I personally roll with :wink:


Ha! I have never heard of MP LVLP guns. I had told a few family members that I wanted the ATOM X20 for Christmas. Turns out my wife got it for me! However, I did not know there was an X20 HVLP and an X20 MP LVLP version. My wife bought the MP LVLP version. As a newbie who has never painted with either type, should I exchange it for the HVLP gun? In the long run which will serve me better?


The LVLP should be designed to use less air if your air compressor doesn’t have the output for the HVLP but looking at the PSI numbers they aren’t too different from each other. I am seen some guns state their working pressure is as low as 13-16PSI.

I have also seen people argue that LVLP can’t put out the quality of HVLP but many of the higher end guns are LVLP and work great.

I believe LVLP typically has less over spray


I have the LVLP and it sprays fantastic. I would not worry about it. Yes it will have a little less overspray. The SATA RP (reduced pressure) is a LVLP gun, I’ve sprayed with that for many years back in the day. Loved it, but super pricy and a LOT of overspray lol. The Atom LVLP will be less for sure as I’ve sprayed with it.

What a great wife you have man!!!


Thanks guys!

@TonyB In the VIP course do any if the videos cover/demonstrate using the LVLP?


I have a 27 gal 5hp air compressor what spray gun you recommend lvlp or the hvlp ? X20 or 21


@ahaynes106 they will soon. We just got these guns a few months ago, I do have footage. In process of making the videos now. Keep you posted!


Awesome! Thanks @TonyB !


Do you have the HVLP X21 or MP LVLP?